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Jon & Kate Premiere Sets Ratings Records!

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Unbelievable! I knew the ratings would be high, but I had no idea just how high. The season five premiere of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, which I’ve mentally titled Jon & Kate: Separate Couches, brought in 9.8 MILLION viewers. In comparison, the Lost season finale — which aired on a network — only brought in 9.2 million viewers. In the 18 to 34 demo, the premiere had 3.1 million viewers — No. 2 to just the American Idol finale. These are astounding numbers for cable programming. Totally high, just like Jon was in most of his interviews. Ba-dum-bum-ching!

TLC is learning that drama sells better than contentment! I could have told them that! (But Mandy Moore couldn’t have.)

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  • I feel so uncomfortable about the kids being used like this, finding out that she planned those kids to make money, use them as an income and a stepping stone to fame, and that she is stealing their childhoods. How are they going to cope with all of this when they are older? One of the twins seems really maladjusted to me. God knows with some of the younger ones. To have your shattering marriage used for entertainment seems really sick to me.

    Of course Jon doesn’t have the where-with-all to stop this situation or stop Kate either, soon we’ll be watching the first one have a teen pregnancy, and the first mug shots – and you know that’s going to happen. What a mess.

  • First off, I just have to say I love you Wendie. Your my favorite writer here, especially your posts today! hehe Anyway, I think it’s pretty much Kate running the WHOLE show. Not just in front of the camera, but behind the camera. I think shes a total coniving bitch. And if she were really “doing this for the kids” she would stop the filming yesterday. Because no drama = no entertainment. I think they find themselves stuck. Neither have a “real” job. And they now own a 1.3 million dollar house and it’s not like Kate’s walking around the house in her pajamas like she used to. They are now used to earning 75,000 a week. What’s a family to do? If they stop the show…they stop the big bucks. So, it has to end, but when? And how will they make that money once the shits done hitting the fan?

  • but i don’t hate kate. i agree she’s made mistakes, i agree she’s belittled jon, but i think she’s kind of real. my mom hit me and screamed 24/7. and i can say the same or something similar for about half the people i know. families are dysfunctional. jon makes mistakes too, and the pair of them need a little less camera time and a little more therapy time. most couples would benefit from the same.

    i’d put the show on hiatus (which would only heighten demand for it later) and sit down to the work of fixing my marriage. she needs to take more blame, but she’s not the devil incarnate.

    • You’re not the only one…. I don’t hate Kate at all. I think she started this with the intenton of being able to provide all of those children with a future, and it would be really hard to walk away from the financial aspect. I think they do need to take a step back and figure things out, take some time off, but Jon has very obviously checked out of the whole situation and I don’t think there is much hope for the marriage.

      They have no jobs outside of the show… that would be frightening as well. If they do have a contract with TLC, maybe they could negotiate some specials or updates in exchange for time off to clean up some of this mess.

  • Kate looks like a normal human being in that picture without her pretentious mop of hair. I hope she doesn’t write another book about all of this.

  • Honestly why can’t someone thin out that curtain in the front. It would almost be cute if she didn’t have that big thing hanging in front of her face. It’s terrible looking.

    This episode was all but unwatchable. The whole point of J&K+8 was to see how a normal family dealt with raising multiples. Now they live in a mansion, have a mom that travels 6 days a week promoting her stupid unreadable books and a dad who’s out at bars looking for strange…this show became all about J and K this week and on the babies’ fifth b-day! So sad!

  • yeah, pretty painful to watch last week. felt bad for everyone involved – Even Kate, but just for a second or two. She just capitalizes on every situation to make another episode. She is not the victim here, the children are and that has been quite evident with Mady whose behaviour we have watched go downhill for years now. Clearly that child needs psychological help – maybe TLC can pay for that too just like they paid for the teeth whitening, the hairplugs, Kate’s plastic surgeries, trip to Hawaii for the “fake” renewal of vows, etc.
    I don’t really think I will continue to watch the show now. I feel badly for the children. Maybe they would like to go on a “real” trip with their parents without the cameras. Surely J & K can afford this on their own by now.

  • Hello I am Equator, I always see your program seems spectacular if they are in divorce, I think a normal family with its low and good, I think that if there is still, special mind by these beautiful children love them obsequiado God, have to fight, that so many timpo to conpartieron with them not bale launching waste only by aventuritas, bamos jon fighting for your child, request help profecional as nobody is perfect..
    I love their children, are hermos and together both will be in the right direct