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Well Now…Isn’t This Awkward


Just when you thought you were finally free from Miss USA California Carrie Prejean stories, I sadly regret to inform you that there is more to tell.

Recap:  Miss California admitted that she didn’t support gay marriage because that wasn’t how she was raised.  Oh, and there was that ugly incident where it was being reported that she was dating Michael Phelps.  Thank goodness that wasn’t true because I thought Beet was going to self-implode.  Prejean also denied ever having naked pictures taken of her.  Naked pictures of Prejean surfaced.  She dismissed pics by stating that they were from years previous and that it was a one-time thing.  Then we learned that the pictures were taken recently and that there were more than a couple in existence.  The next bombshell revealed was that she had fake boobs (paid for by the Miss California pageant).  She got to keep her crown despite the lying.  Let’s see — have I missed any scandals regarding this chick?

There were rumblings that both of Prejean’s parents levied accusations of homosexuality against the other during their ugly divorce battle in 1996.  I never put much stock in those stories because lots of people get nuts when dividing marital assets.  But now a woman has stepped forward claiming to be the ex-lesbian lover of Carrie Prejean’s mother.

Valerie Vetrano, a sales rep from California, says that she had a relationship with Prejean’s mom, Francine Coppola.  She doesn’t offer up much in the way of details except to say that they split about two weeks before the USA pageant.

So, what’s Carrie Prejean’s deal?  She seems to have a relationship with her mother.  Does she just not support her lifestyle?  Or is she okay with her mom being gay as long as marriage isn’t part of the plan?  More questions.  And I suspect, more stories on this girl whose fifteen minutes should have been up so very long ago.

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  • OMFG…she was asked her opinion about gay marriage and she gave it. she’s entitled to her opinion, but i also think she’s a hypocrite for spouting her christian bullshit and then posing topless. but honestly, who cares what she thinks or does anyway – it’s not like she’s making public policy. can we move on now?

  • Not that I would normally know who any of the Miss USA contestants are, but the sad thing is the woman who won Miss USA, Kristin Dalton (sp?) is going about her duties and preparing for Miss Universe completely out of the spotlight while this yahoo is getting all kinds of press for what? Lying and having an unpopular opinion. I hold Mr PH responsible for a lot of this as he seems to want to drag it out to get publicity for himself.

  • I’m so sick of this lying, stupid hypocrite. I wish she would just disappear. Of course she has a right to her own opinion but she could have stated that it was her opinion and the states should be able to make decisions even if they are not her views. She would have been Miss USA for everyone!! Not just for those that share her opinion.

    • Um she said “in my beliefs” and “in my family i was raised to believe” thats the same thing as saying its her opinion. and the question was not should the states be able to make decisions it was “do you believe all states should follow suit and legalize gay marriage”. She said in her opinion, no.

      • But by saying that she doesn’t think states should legalize gay marriage, she is trying to force her opinion on everyone else through state law.

  • Michael Phelps was in my hometown on Sunday night for some prep school sports awards thing.

    My friend texted me at midnight saying, “I saw Michael Phelps with Miss California at Taco Mac.”

    I live in Tennessee.


  • Let’s just call this for what it is, mom turned into a lesbian and Tits McGee is having issues dealing with it, so she’s crawling into the bible to validate her hatred of the gay lifestyle. I think her father was also having a gay affair after the split, so Tits got it both ways and it’s made her a liar, and she’s not uncomfortable being a liar either. If she was 17 taking nude or semi nudes and signing the photo agreement the photographer, he could have been arrested. He wasn’t so she was 18, and lied to the Miss California pageant. Making Tits McGee a big ol’ liar who deserved to lose her crown. Way to go Trump!

  • The girl was asked her opinion on a subject and she gave it. Those who don’t like her answer are looking for every possible way to vilify her. Just get over it and move on. This was old weeks ago.

  • I don’t think the point is whether she agrees with gay marriage or not, the point is both of her parents seem to be living/having gay relationships which may or may not have colored her take on the whole thing. The point is she lied, 3 times she lied and got away with snaking a crown she didn’t deserve, because the runner up didn’t take nude photos and lie about it.

    That’s the point, I guess you and Tits don’t seem to understanding. It’s called lying and being a hypocrite. That’s not usually what you look for as a representative of anything good.

  • “And I suspect, more stories on this girl whose fifteen minutes should have been up so very long ago.”

    If you and the others here who continue to vilify her want her to go away, stop writing about her. Still, page views are page views and bloggers who claim to despise her will continue to make money from her as long as you people keep coming back for more.

  • i dont understand you logic. just because her mom is gay does it mean she has to believe in gay marriage? i think it just comes to prove that she is not a gay hater. she just believes marriage is between a man and a woman. i dont know why this is such a controversial opinion.

    • There are several parts to why she is controversial. They do not all have to do with the gay marriage issue. More important than her views on that, which everyone acknowledges that she’s entitled to, her status as a contestant was compromised by lying.

      She said that Satan tempted her (unsuccessfully – Sorry, Big Bad Guy) when she was asked her view on gay marriage. So was it also Satan who tempted her to pose topless, to lie about it and to accept free (or was it a loan that she got?) breast implants from the organization she lied to? If so, I guess that Satan won that round. Is Satan responsible for her vanity and dishonesty as well? So Satan lost one and won two rounds with her – I guess he did pretty well when picked her to tempt. She is a proven liar, has fake breasts, fake hair color, and now it appears, two gay parents.

      Does she approve of being formerly married to and bitterly divorced from a member of the opposite sex, but cannot accept being married to someone of the same sex with whom they could have an enduring happy legal union?

  • Her eyes are so frightening.

    Anyway, I think it was right that she answered with her honest opinion; but the fact she used the Bible to back it up (when it doesn’t actually condemn homosexuals at all) and then lied several times (which IS directly condemned) shows that she is a stinking little hypocrite. If this story about her mom is true then she’s even more of one. With scary eyes.

    I’m English and in no way religious but this whole thing still makes me laff~ :’D

    • actually the bible does condemn it. but the bible was written at a different time also, and it was written by men.

  • Hilarious that the people so entrenched in the value of Freedom of Speech have crucified this woman for embodying these values.

    I was all for gay marriage, but the hateful diatribe being spewed at this poor chick make me re-think my stance.

    Intolerance for people’s PERSONAL OPINIONS is really effed up and completely hypocritical of those (such as Perez Hilton) who condemn intolerance of people’s sexualities.

    Perez Hilton calling her a bitch, whore etc. was just disgusting. He’s an embarrassment to all the intelligent and rational gay men and women in America.

    • So you have a problem with the negative reaction to her “personal opinions” and that’s a good enough reason for you to re-think whether or not people deserve basic civil rights?
      You’re super special.

    • Funny you talk about freedom of expression to validate what she said and them you criticize those who disagree with her so that way you feel more confident to change the view in relation to marriage between persons of the same sex WTF?. Since you reminded of that LAW in particular let me remember you from another JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL.

      • Let me reiterate: I AM 100% for gay marriage.

        However, I also respect the right of others to disagree with it. Remember how far gay rights have come in the last 40 years – a lot of people are still getting their heads around it, and don’t agree with gay marriage, yet. They have the right in the great US of A to give their opinion.

        What I find really offensive, though, is the way gay rights are constantly shoved down everyone’s throat, to the extent that people are afraid of giving a damn opinion.

      • I have so many things to say in response to this, but my kids want to eat lunch sometime today so I’ll keep it short.

        You can’t say you’re 100% for gay marriage after saying that the behavior of some gay rights proponents makes you re-think whether or not gay people should have the right to marry. That sounds like you think gay marriage is conditional.

        The fact that gay rights have come far in the past 40 years is cause for happiness, but not gratitude. Gratitude would imply a gift, and a right is not a gift.

  • First, I agree with your comment on Perez Hilton. He is certainly not helping the cause, and I wish he would go away.

    As for valuing freedom of speech, holding that value does not mean you cannot be appalled by what a person says. You can be appalled, and you can freely express your disagreement.

    Are we supposed to be accepting of all view just because we value free speech? Am I required to be a-ok of the views espoused by the KKK and neo-nazis?

    • Comparing this woman to the neo-nazis is a little extreme wouldn’t you think? Freely expressing you disgreement with her is NOT the same as calling her a whore, idiot, e.t.c. Nailing this woman to a post is not going to help the gay marriage issue, but probably just give the anti gay marriage people all the more cause to stick to their guns.

      • I agreed about Perez Hilton – as far as I know, he’s the one who has been name calling.

        And I wasn’t comparing her to neo-nazis, I was using neo-nazis to make to make a general point.

  • get over it! she shoulda just lied to that dumptruck mario, and then he would be totally kissing her ass all over the net right now, you too wendy! LOLOLOL

  • I’ll bet the “lesbian lover” is probably just a woman looking for some fun media attention who has never even met Carrie Prejean’s mom. Not because I don’t believe her parents could be gay, but that whole story just fits together waaay too nicely. I am calling BS on this one!

  • I suppose some people think that the whole of America believes in gay marriage…. And Carrie P just happens to be the minority!