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Soap Star Gives The Young & The Restless The Kiss Off


Chris Engen is fairly new to the soap opera game.  He joined the cast of Y&R last year and left the cast of Y&R this week.  The reason for his departure?  He didn’t want to kiss a dude.

A few days after The Nelson Ratings finally bought Chris Engen’s uneven portrayal of Adam Newman, the newcomer shocked the entire Y&R cast by quitting his role in the middle of his contract two days ago! According to sources, Engen bolted because, “he [allegedly] refused to kiss [his same-sex] co-star Yani Gellman [Rafe]. Chris hasn’t been happy for a while. He doesn’t like the dark direction his character is taking. He’s called in sick a lot recently and has been taking a slew of meetings with Y&R’s [top brass] to discuss his future on the show. Chris is still under contract — and Y&R is seriously thinking of taking legal action.”

I’d like the relatively unknown Chris Engen to get a clue.  Dude, you’re an actor.  You were an employed actor until two days ago.  During a time that so many people are filing for unemployment, you need to suck it up and kiss the guy if that’s what the script tells you to do.  That’s what acting is.  You don’t get to pick and choose the preferences and qualities of your character.  You don’t have a say in who gets to put their lips on yours.

All the “I give him credit for standing up for what he believes in,” comments may commence now.  Go!

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  • He’s obviously scared he’s gonna get a boner. I predict he’ll turn out to be gay.

    • Are you kidding?! If he was gay, he would WANT to kiss a dude! He has a son, he is not gay

      • I’m gay and have raised 2 awesome children in the world. Believe it or not gay people can be parents too.

  • I think it sucks that he had to break contract, but there are some things (like kissing a man) that I’m definitely uncomfortable with. I’m comfortable with my sexuality (the sexuality of a heterosexual) and I have a lot of gay friends and I’m all for gay rights, but kissing another man is just something that I can’t get behind (ba-zing!). I guess it might be different if I was making a ton of money for doing it, but it really is something that makes my skin crawl.

    • well good thing you’re not an actor.
      from the looks of it, you’re just another scruffy dude that just got done waiting in the unemployment line.

      • Well I have a job, but I think I need to quit now because you reminded me that I have some facial hair. Thanks

        Can you put up a picture of yourself so that I can make some dumbass assumptions?

      • whoa, arianna! we can rag on celebs because of a variety of reasons but let’s not kick the crap out of each other based on a tiny internet photo. some decorum, please.

    • So you’re okay with gay people except if they live their lives as gay people? What?! How do you think gay people show affection or love for one another… wave across the room to each other with no eye contact? Straight people flaunt their sexuality ALL the time. Don’t give me this “I have gay friends bs…” You’re not really a friend. It’s like saying “I have straight friends as long as they don’t get married, kiss, hug, embrace, show affection, hold hands and not act straight in publich. Sheesh…

  • He’s obviously not introduced to the dirty little secret that happens when straight guys drink (6 pack anyone?!) and start macking on other dudes.

  • Shut up Wendie. It doesnt matter what your job is you have the right to determine what you will and wont do if your employer didnt initially make it clear that it would be part of your duties. As a Y&R fan, I think this storyline would be ridiculous. There is no way Adam’s character is secretly gay and much more ridiculous into Rafe of all people. I miss the old writers.

    • The point is that he has now screwed himself. Not only has he quit his job, it will now be hard for him to get another because people think that he is hard to work with and is not willing to do everything a script might call for. He really is a dumbass.

  • Well, Maybe he doesn´t want to be recognize like the dude who kiss another dude!, He is not that goodd actor anyway, so, why do we care again????

    • If he thought he could do better work that’s not what he would be known for.

      Think of Heath Ledger.
      Did you just think “Oh, he’s the guy that kissed dudes.”
      Chances are no, but he did in Brokeback Mountain.

      He should learn to suck it up.
      I’d definitely take legal action against him.

      • Well, I see your point, he should suck it up if he wants to stay in business, but Personally I used to adore Jake Gyllenhaal and after Brokeback Mountain…I can´t see him the same way, just the thought of him kissing another dude not to mention the sex scenes…lets just say he is not my favorite anymore.

  • i doubt you’d be so indignant if a woman refused to participate in the same scenario. then it’d be her asserting her rights and not allowing the industry to take advantage of her. just because you’re an actor doesn’t mean you have to go along with every request if it makes you uncomfortable.

    • If it was a woman I also say suck it up.
      Don’t assume people don’t believe in equal rights.

      When you’re an actor or actress you sign a contract and that company basically owns you. You know this when you sign the contract that they can take your character in any direction they want. End of story.

      • Robin, just because your job implies sucking does not mean that we are all “personal assistants”. Suck on it for as long as you wish/can, but we, the rest of the world, do have the right to decide for ourselves. Get over yourself. And use some makeup that doesn’t make you resemble Robert Smith. He’s famous and can get by with it…you’re a nobody and it makes you look like sucking is your only talent.

  • I don’t watch Y&R, but if someone is trying to make him do something that is outside of hi comfort zone, then he shouldn’t have to do it. Not everybody is comfortable kissing someone of the same sex, and that doesn’t make them a homophobe.

  • Actors refuse to do stuff in films all the time- like nudity. So what. The guy is willing to take the pay cut.

  • while many people understand not wanting to kiss someone of the same gender, you might ask yourselves how you’d feel about this story if the actor quit because he didn’t want to kiss a black woman, a muslim woman, a disabled woman,etc….when does “standing up for your beliefs” actually mean “standing up for your bigotry?”

    • You are kidding, right? Damn, it’s not that serious. There are lots of servers out there looking for an acting job.

    • Great, I support gays having the same rights as straights when it comes to marriage, adoption, serving in the military, etc. but if i don’t want to kiss a man I’m a bigot.

    • Okay kissing someone of the same sex is NOT the same as someone of a different race or religion. The color of skin or your belief system have nothing to do with whether or not you have a penis or a vagina.

      • you guys are right and i was wrong.

        as i was falling asleep last night, i thought, “wait a minute, did i say ‘bigotry’? that wasn’t what i meant to write.” dammit!

        i just wanted to play devil’s advocate and ask if people would feel different about the story if standing up for his personal beliefs involved not kissing women of color..and then i lost my mind for a minute. sorry guys.

  • “You don’t have a say in who gets to put their lips on yours.”

    Actually, you do.

  • This is not like a movie role where you go into it knowing you will be kissing someone of the same sex, soaps are written as they go along and change. He went into the role thinking it was a straight character and that was ok with him, then the role changed and he is suppose to kiss a guy. I am with Chris on this one, if they wanted someone to play a bi or bi curious part then they should have been up front about that before he signed. If this man does not want to kiss another guy, even on tv, he should not be forced to do so contract or no contract. And I do think he should have a say in what he does with his mouth or any other body part for that matter, maybe he is worried he will be type casted if he does the scene, after all one week your kissing someone in a soap.. next week your in a coma and the person you were kissing the week before is doing it with your doctor right next to your semi-lifeless body, and the show goes on without you.

  • I doubt he did it b/c he’s a homophobe he did it thinking about his career…it’s really only wise to do that in your career once you’re already big…I.E. Brokeback mountain…he probably figured it wasn’t worth it for a soap gig. I’m sure he’d do it on a dare or something that didn’t involved being filmed and put into the public…I don’t blame the guy.

  • If this was a female quitting because she had been asked to kiss another girl, you would be saying how shitty it is for the network to be trying to exploit her and that it was beyond inappropriate for them to push her to do something sexual that she is not comfortable with. He’s not a homophobe. He’s a heterosexual. HE’S NOT INTO KISSING DUDES!!!!! You can’t MAKE people be gay.

    • But you can make somebody under contract ACT like they are gay.
      Which is the actual issue at hand.

    • You’re a homophobe if you have an aversion to gay people. Full stop. If a white actor refused to kiss a black actress, and he quit over it, does that make him a racist?

      … the answer is pretty clear to me.

  • If I had to kiss a dude to keep my job, that would be sexual harassment.

    And until now, nobody knew who this dude was. Causing controversy is never a bad career move for an entertainer.

    • If you’re an actor and the role may require kissing someone you’re not into, then don’t take the role. How can that be sexual harassment if it’s in the script?

      So if a straight guy didn’t want to kiss a woman on a soap opera, but it was in the script, then would it be sexual harassment if he disagreed with the script?

  • Good for you! Why does Y & R feel they have to go that route.

    You’d think half the population were after the other side.

  • i watch the young and the restless religiously.
    if anyone watches the show, they would know that ‘turning’ Adam gay at this point in the story line is just stupid. It doesnt fit the plot, you might agree with me if you do happen to watch the show.

    that being said, i dont think there is anything wrong with him walking away from something he isnt comfortable with.
    yeah yeah he’s an actor, but he’s also a human, and we all have our limits.

    very curious to see where the storyline will head now…

    Y&R 4ever

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  • I do not like the way Adam’s character is playing out. I say the same for Neil and Nick’s recent storylines. I will not miss Adam because of how his storyline is playing out. In the beginning I was a big fan of Adam’s storyline. Adam all of a sudden being gay appears like it is pulled out of a hat.

  • I liked Adam’s character and I completewly understand if he felt uncomfortable playing a role like that.

  • I liked Adam’s character and completely understand him for not wanting to play a role like that!

  • The Holy Bible says it all:
    Leviticus – Chapter 18 – verse 22:
    God speaking to Moses stated, “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is abomination!”

    Leviticus – Chapter 20 – verse 13:
    “If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Leviticus – Chapter 20 – verse 23:
    “And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.”

    • Hey Jerome,

      So you agree with genocide, slavery, putting women to death if they weren’t virgins before marriage, only wearing cotton clothing, avoiding seafood at all costs, not accessing medical technology (because it’s not natural and you’re interfering with God’s will)?

      Wow Jerome… you must live a purely biblical life.

      I love those schmorgasbourg Christians! They’re my most favorite hypocrits :)

  • Men kissing men, women kissing women… whatever get over it. This is supposedly a contemporary society so get with the times.

    And quoting biblical passages? Are you for real? You’re assuming everyone shares your religious convictions. I bet you’re one of those cookie cutter religious folks who pick and choose your beliefs based on what’s convenient for you. So if you’re a ‘true’ bible thumper then…
    – you must believe women are not equals
    – that slavery is acceptable
    – that eating seafood is wrong
    – that blending your fabrics is evil

    … give me a break.

    There are as many gay people as left handed people. The bigots are the minority.

    I can understand not being comfortable kissing someone… as an actor, I didn’t always agree… but WE’RE ACTORS!!! You know how many gay and lesbian actors play heteros and kiss the opposite gender? Do any of them quit because it’s not natural to them?

    If I was told to play a burgular, knowing that I wouldn’t do such a thing… does that mean that I quit because I disagree with burgulars? Sheesh…

  • You are obviously unfamiliar with the Holy Bible or you are reading the wrong Bible! Such ignorance! I will pray for you. You need it!

    • I am quite familiar with the Holy Bible, but I know the difference between reality, an evolved culture and society, and those who exploit the bible when it’s convenient.

      And you didn’t even address the rest of my arguement. Here’s some biblical enlightenment for you…

      “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life…”
      — Leviticus 25:44-46

      If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death.
      — Leviticus 20:9

      God demands that we kill women whom are not virgins when they marry.
      – Deuteronomy 22:13-21

      If a man [meets] a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her … He must marry the girl … He can never divorce her as long as he lives.
      – Deuteronomy 22:28-29

      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.
      – Exodus 20:17

      Ignorance is based on a lack of awareness, lack of education, lack of access (resulting in poverty, discrimination, oppression, marginalization, and compromised physical and emotional health).

      And thank you for your prayers. God has given me the strength and the privilege to be a critical thinker. We all need more prayers so we can truly live in a pluralistic, diverse, and evolving contemporary society where people are judged on their merits and contributions.