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OK, Now I Really Hate This Miss California Bitch


Listen, it’s no secret around here that I’m pro-gay-marriage (which I like to call being pro-equal-rights). So of course I firmly disagreed with Miss California’s decision to speak out against gay marriage in the Miss USA competition last night. I vehemently disagree with Carrie Prejean, but it took balls for her to stay true to her beliefs in a room that you better believe was jam-packed with gay men. I suppose there is a teeeeensy tiny bit of credit due there. She tells Access Hollywood today: “I stated an opinion that was true to myself and that’s all I can do. It is a very touchy subject and he [Perez] is a homosexual and I see where he was coming from and I see the audience would’ve wanted me to be more politically correct. But I was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything.” Personally, I think that every now and then it’s okay to compromise your beliefs when they imply that an entire class of citizens should be treated as lesser because of who they choose to love. But that’s just me.

You know what’s even less of a secret than my support for gay marriage? MY LOVE FOR MICHAEL PHELPS. And this is where Carrie Prejean and I are really going to have a problem. She’s dating him. THAT HATEFUL BITCH. Access Hollywood bugged her to talk about him, but she demured. “He is a great man,” she says, adding, “We can talk about that a different day.”

Hey, Carrie Prejean, I’m gonna go ahead and introduce some legislation that bans beauty queens from marrying anyone I have a crush on. I just think it’s so wrong. It disgusts me. That’s just what I was raised to believe, so look for it on your 2010 ballot.

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  • You’re right, she is a pathetic representation of California. Most Californians would stand up there and go against their own moral beliefs and LIE just to win a pageant. Yep, that is what you get in California and most of the rest of our country. THIS GIRL…she was different. She stood in front of the world and was asked a LOADED question by an obviously gay man. I applaud her for her courage to face criticism and answer true to herself.

    Oh…and I am 100% in favor of equal marital rights for all and do not agree with her answer or her beliefs. I applaud her nevertheless.

  • While I agree that it sucks as a representative of CA she is against gay marriage, this is the USA where people have the right to their own opinions. If we start lambasting people for stating an unpopular opinion, we begin to travel down a very disastrous road.

    • I think we go down a dangerous road when we don’t allow criticism of beliefs such as hers. I’m sure Perez gets PLENTY of criticism (I believe he even has comment boards), so she should grow up and realize that people might not agree with her, particularly on divisive political issues. This isn’t a matter of free speech; no one (particularly the government, who is the only censor that matters in the 1st Amend.) stopped her and she said what “thought she believed” to borrow her words. Her conservative cheerleaders at Fox and their kin, however, are trying to squelch any criticism of her or her obviously divisive beliefs. You had your turn, Miss California, may we have ours?

  • I think dumb bimbos who enter “beauty” pageants should not be allowed to speak in public. That’s just my opinion, based on how I was raised.

  • i’m not homophobic and i don’t have any issue with gays, but it’s not “who they choose to love”, it’s more like, “who they’re predisposed to find sexually attractive and then fall in love with based on that”.
    i’m predisposed to be sexually attracted to men, and after that fact i fall in love.

  • I feel like there is a difference between respecting her opinion and respecting her right to speak to her opinion.

    If we truely want to change things and we see same-sex marriage as an equal rights opportunity we all need to speak up again opinions light this.

    I can’t imagine the furor that would happen if Perez has said “Vermont has lifted a ban against mix-race marriages . . . ”

    We all need to find the outrage in the inequaility in order for real change to happen.

  • Phellps is a retard – sorry, a develpementally delayed, ugly, monkey limbed man. Why do some people like him? If his mom never threw his dumb ass in a pool, he’d be working at a gas station doing a shatty job on peoples cars for which his employer would charge too much.

    • This guy’s an ATHLETE, silly. and this “miss california bitch” is a BEAUTY PAGENT CONTESTANT…right? Nobody expects them to be exceptionally intelligent.

      • … and their kids will attend Yale.

        Seriously though, I can’t see them lasting as a couple. “On again-off again” relationships rarely work, just look at Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler.

  • I thought liberals were the tolerant ones. I guess that only applies if you believe as they do. What hypocrites. She said what she believes. PERIOD!

  • just a little bit “be treated as lesser because of who they choose to love.”

    do they really “choose” to fall in love? We love your support, but even though I know what you mean, there are the ignorant that actually think I choose to love someone the same sex. No. I didn’t choose it. I didn’t choose to be ostrisized, treated badly, even had laws made in my state to discriminate against me.

    If I had my choice, I would have chosen what is socially acceptable. Unfortunately, I didn’t choose. She chose me and was damn persistant about it. :)

  • The woman stated her opinion. Besides that fact marriage is a religious based institution, duh! separation of CHURCH AND STATE.

    It’s NOT a civil rights issue and marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. gays should have civil unions ONLY.

    FYI, i’m a gay male with commonsense and not a sense of entitlement.

    • “The woman stated her opinion. Besides that fact marriage is a religious based institution, duh! separation of CHURCH AND STATE.”

      what? what are you talking about? we are all talking about legal marriage, not a marriage in a church. Separation of church and state is a main argument SUPPORTING gay marriage, not against it.

      I do not believe for ONE SECOND that you are a gay male. I DO NOT.

  • What a hypocrit! So, you hate her because she has an opinion that is different than yours! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    • And it’s not even that, it’s how hypocritical all these so called “open-minded” liberals can be. *Many* proponents of gay marriage attempt to de-legitimize the argument of the other side by framing their opponents as stupid, bigots, ignorant, religious zealots, blah blah blah, and spreading the same hatred and bias that they claim are characteristic of the other side. The BEST way, in my opinion, for the rights of gay people and ANY marginalized sector of society to gain any rights/privileges that they’ve historically been denied is to fight for the ISSUE. Attack the ISSUE and the social constructs that have created it, and maybe then you’ll get the solution you want. Preaching more hate and marginalizing your opponents does not eradicate the issue,it just convolutes it and takes it off target.

  • Can we also not get all in a froth about the girl “speaking out” against gay rights? She didn’t “speak out”, you make it sound like she made the pageant her personal public forum where she ranted and foamed against gay marriage. It never would have come up if Perez “anything for attention” Hilton hadn’t asked an obviously loaded question that gave her two options: lie, or answer honestly. She did not say “I hate gays, they should have no rights, ever, anywhere, at any time.” It was like a 10-second sound bite, a blip on the radar, barely, and from some people’s reactions you would think she is the only person on the planet to have an opinion on gay marriage that isn’t pro. The only thing this was supposed to do was get Perez a whole bunch of media coverage, and he definitely scored.

  • I wonder if she is having premarital sex? I would assume that goes against the way she was brought up based. Phelps isn’t exactly known to be someone who practices abstinence and I don’t really see him changing for her.

  • Beet — I love you, but you’re not known for your religious postings. I doubt many of your readers know what its like to be tied to a religion. I don’t know if Miss California does. But I do, and I could never compromise my beliefs — that’s why I have the right to vote, to vote for what I believe in.

  • It’s funny how Miss California was asked a question where she lives in a state where the absolute majority are Hollywood Fatheads and liberals due to the extreme level.

    However, with the increase of degradation & Hatred toward opposing views, there are normal, Traditional Americans like Carrie Prejean that was able to keep a straight face and say the true.


    • lol just at your post. you do say the true.

      I don’t think “normal” should have to mean anti-gay marriage

      there are a ton of conservatives in California. And she is from SD anyway, not LA

  • Hmm.. funny that she is MP’s girlfriend when he was snogging his Cal Paz just the other day in New York…

    Just how many girlfriends does he have??? hmmm

  • There you have it folks. Miss USA will always be chosen on political and religious viewpoints. Forget the talent and beauty portion of the show. I applaud Carrie Prejean for standing firm to her opinion no matter what the cost. It is no longer popular being a Christian in America. This country has largely lost its moral compass. To Carrie Prejean, I say thank you and God bless you. I found your courage inspirational. America needs more people like you. It’s Perez Hilton who made a fool of himself going on an emotional tirade on the Internet and slandering her name until he was blue in the face.

  • I feel ashamed and so upset about that dumb bitch. Let her die. If it weren’t for faggots like me who do her hair, paint her face, and design her dresses, she’s be NOTHING. And she is a piece of spray tanned crap.

  • Perez is the equivalent of a “race baiter”. Why the hell would you even ask that question? Why not ask something like “Do you think that the first amendment is a dated concept”? or even better “How do you feel about legalizing bestiality”?

  • ok…few things:

    1. Beet, I love you to death. And I’m so glad we have a champion like you for gay rights and equality. And for that I thank you. However… this line from your post: “an entire class of citizens should be treated as lesser because of who they choose to love.” We do not choose who we love.

    2. Miss California is a g.d. moron. That is undeniable. However, I applaud her for sticking to her guns and not giving in to what the pageant people EXPECTED her to say. Good for her. BUT…religion or not, she needs to open her mind up a little bit and just consider the possibility that the people she was “taught” to discriminate against, deserve the same rights and priveledges(sp?) that she has been awarded for being a straight woman.

    Just a thought.

    And to reiterate, I LOVE YOU BEET!!!! :D

  • Well, whether Proposition 8 was passed by with 52% or 50.01%, it doesn’t really matter because the majority rules! Carrie did the right thing and represented CA to the fullest! I am a California resident and I’m very proud of Carrie! By the way, there are normal people in CA, not only fake people in Hollywood. Although, Hollywood now is like Sodom and Gommorah, they are cool with anything that is trendy and they want to shut their eyes and close their ears to sin because they don’t want to be reprimanded for their life style.
    Gay people hide behind the idea of “gay rights” because they may want to feel accepted by society to feel better about themselves. But, although I am not gay, I know that deep inside they have a constant fear when Judgement Day comes! And the wrath of the Lord is real, and not only for gays, but for all of us who do no walk according to His laws.

  • to Mitch and all the pro-gay rights:

    Why do you get offended when people do not agree with your ideas and/or beliefs?? We have the freedom of speech and religion in this country, thanks to our loyal men and women that fight to make it happen! You get mad when people believe in certain ways that are opposite to yours. In this case, it’s a matter of religion. To some, the bible is the cornerstone and the Word of God. Our constitution was founded under Christian beliefs. All the presidents, Judges, etc take an oath and swear on the bible. Why are Christians wrong because we believe in the bible? For some reason, gay activists and gay people see Christians as racist. It has nothing to do with racism, it’s staying true to the Word of God. The bible tells us that Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed because of homosexualism. Either way, everyone want to reject Christian beliefs because it’s a commodity to follow our own desires. At last, let’s not forget that Jesus was rejected and hated first.

  • And what happened with all these gay guys calling Miss California the “b” word? How unprofessional and unethical! I think that is the a stereotype that they create themselves. In addition, they act like victims, when they are the ones that attack the person that does not agree with their opinion and accept their lifestyle. Being gay is choice, not an option. Because I can tell you that Jesus has the power to do anything!! Just like sinning is a choice, so is being gay. The bible says in Hebrews 11: “anything that is impossible for men, for God is possible”.

    • Are you kidding me?

      I will say this one more time:


      It’s narrow-minded asshole-ish statements like that that send the gay population into an up-roar.

      If people like you took 5 seconds to yank your face out of the freaking bible and actually LISTENED, you might know or understand that.

      Let me try to explain it to you like I had to explain it to my mother:

      If I had one wish in this whole world, it would be to be straight. Not for a million dollars, all the fame in the world or any of that other trivial bullshit…it would be to be straight. Wanna know why? I can tell you it’s not because I’m ashamed of who i am. On the contrary, I’m a very proud openly gay man. I wish I were straight so I wouldn’t have to go through life worried about whether or not the night I walk out of a bar with my partner, holding his hand…I will run into some bigoted asshole or a group of bigoted assholes wielding baseball bats.

      Now let me ask you something…do YOU ever have that fear when you’re out in public with your significant other?

      Something tells me I know the answer already…

      • And further more…

        You quote the Bible and what it says…

        Do you also know there are more abolishments to Heterosexuals than there are to Homosexuals?

        Stew on that for awhile…

        And it’s not that we think you’re racist for your beliefs. You, like the rest of the world, are entitled to your beliefs. I’m sure you take comfort in your beliefs like so many others do. Which in my book, it utterly wonderful for you and so many others.

        The problem we ACTUALLY have, is with the people that practice your religion who call us faggots, dykes, queers, freaks etc. The problem we have is with the people that practice your religion that showed up to Matthew Shepard’s funeral holding signs saying that he’s burning in hell.

        You preach of a GOD, and of a Savior who frown so harshly on homosexuality and condemn us to Hell…

        But, and call me out on this if I’m wrong, didn’t Jesus also teach tolerance and acceptance? Funny how that gets overlooked. ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.


  • John 8:7

    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”

    Glass houses bitches…glass houses. ;D

  • Forget the answer. It was a loaded question and should not have been allowed in the contest. She answers truthfully as her conscience tells her to do, and she’s condemned for being honest. She answers the “other way” and she wins, but is not telling the truth. She couldn’t win either way. If an openly gay man is sitting as a judge, then the contest sponsors should have not allowed that question in the first place.


    Every gay people (in or out the closet) is now hating this gir, they asked her a question.. She answered. And all you people from CA Stop talking trash she just nailed, and I bet you 99% of straight people in CA love her answer.
    One of my best friend was
    gay, I respected and loved that guy for years, he was my boss my teacher, like a big brother to me. Because of him I met other gay people. I could not care less about what othe people could say about me having those kind of friends. When he passed away from HIV (back on 1987). I cried my heart out in from of everybody, I cried like a poor guy in front of all those rich people, my friend my genius friend my teacher was gone.
    I never hate or even dislike gays, but now… I AM AFRAID OF THEM.
    Have you guys noticed how much power the gays comunity actually have in this country. You say anything that goes against Homo’s and you are literally done. If you work on the radio or tv.. say something wrong against gays and you are gone, you are fired almost automaticly. If gays are not controlling the whole world, they sure have a powerfull grip in this country.
    GOD BLESS YOU CARRIE, and God bless and save the United State OF America. (should I say Gaymerica)

  • You know what everyone is entitled to their opinions get off your damn high horse and shut up already!!! You gay’s need to respect our rights and quite crying about yours already.

    • Oh shut up Mike. You’re a goddamn idiot. The right to free speech doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be criticized for your free speech. That’s OUR end of freedom of speech. Are you a little mentally deficient? A little bit of a handicap perhaps?

  • “Have you guys noticed how much power the gays comunity actually have in this country. You say anything that goes against Homo’s and you are literally done.”

    Please. Please just kill yourself you paranoid piece of shit.

  • stupid people always seem to speak their mind … it is easy for them since there is no A and B and C etc. and the myriad of possible orders, nuances, connections and alternatives … it is not moral strength or conviction because that requires wisdom … there is only A, simple, lonely A, so easily put there by someone else … no connection, no questioning that it might be a bit more complex than just A … she could have said something along the lines of “look, I was brought up to believe that a marriage should be between a man and a women, however, during my time at the pageant I’ve met gay man who seem to be in very close, supporting relationships.. so who knows! right now I don’t have a definitive answer, it does go against my beliefs, but the issue is worth investigating “… but what do you expect from “I’m sorry! OMG! I was like brought up a christian and stuff, and the Bible says that .. I should like believing that marriage should be between a man and wooomenn! .. and like .. I’m sorry … but, that’s it!” … but posing nude, enlarging your breasts, exposing yourself in a pageant is christian hot aka “Satan put me up to it” being the usual excuse .. end of story, you are forgiven, be strong and pray and go bash the gays so more … what really gets to me is the hypocrisy of it all … the only thing that christians in the US seem to worry about these days is who fucks who, how and what … Perez on the other hand, is the stereotypical angry queen … a stupid person himself since you never ask a dumb blond a loaded question … and than that silly faggy rant! (I’m a fag so I can say it)