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Love It Or Hate It?


Kim Kardashian in a (size 2, natch) cropped pantsuit.  Kim Kardashian in gladiator sandals.  Kim Kardashian as a blond.  Love or hate any or all of it?

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  • Uh oh. This is not good. Not good at all. Some people can’t….shouldn’t bleach.

  • The blonde doesn’t look BAD, but I personally feel there’s something about hot brunettes that makes them so much hotter than hot blondes. If you can pull off the hot brunette look, stick with it.

    The pantsuit is atrocious. They should have just saved some fabric and made it a dress.

  • she is so much hotter with the dark hair. The pant suit is ugly. shoes MIGHT be ok with something else, but not sure…

  • Didn’t recognize the ‘famewhore’ at first… love the hair; lightens and softens up her face… the outfit is good on her; I don’t notice the massive hips from this angle and hate the shoes; a less severe tied up sandals would have been better. Just sayin’

  • Haha I sell that EXACT pantsuit at my work!!! It’s Helmut Lang ($495) and It looks better on someone with smaller hips, as it emphasizes that area anyway…. but none the less, I like that she tried to pull it off.

    Blonde hair, though? Not so much.

  • i love that that model chanel iman is in the background even more! and i want to know is it just a coincidence that theyr are shopping in soho on prince st or that they may actually know each other.. hmmm..

  • It isn’t horrible, but I agree with the general opinion that she looks better as a brunette. However, I can totally understand her wanting to have a change. It’s always fun once in awhile.

  • Ryan Secrest twittered that the hair is a wig. But I like it anyway. Also, I actually like her outfit. And I hate saying this becuase she’s so annoying, but I think she looks pretty good. But i don’t like her shoes. Ew.

  • So is that her posse dragging up the rear –no pun intended, of course. See the dude on the right giving someone the finger. Nice.

    • i didn’t catch that till you mentioned it!
      i think the guy was just an innocent bystander giving the camera man the finger. lol.

  • As a hetero male I have to say those shoes look idiotic. The blonde look isn’t so bad on her. It is a nice change for her.

    Having said that she is still a useless piece of skin.

  • she is so gorgeous. but i am still so bored by her. although i will say the kardashian show is much funnier this season.

  • Not a huge fan of the hair. I like her dark hair. I would prefer the pantsuit as a dress (I like the top part) and I hate those shoes.

  • hate all of it. And I despise when girls with dark hair try to dye it blonde (altho from the comments, I guess it’s a wig?) I think girls look gorgeous with dark brown hair, and always look meh as blonder.

  • See, the size 2 is what I have issue with. The camera adds 10 pounds, not 10 sizes. I’m not a tiny girl my self but at least I don’t lie about my size then wear outfits that make my bigger body parts look larger. She’s certainly far from a plus-size, but still. She is not kidding anyone.