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Can We Just Conclude That Carmen Electra Is Pregnant?


Listen, there have been no announcements, confirmations or baby talk of any kind from Carmen Electra’s camp but let’s face it:  When Carmen Flipping Electra is wearing muumuus, and there’s a reason why those dresses make the same sound as a cow, she is sperminated.  Or recovering from an aggressive lipo session but I still vote “baby.”  After all, she did get engaged to her guitarist boyfriend (who isn’t relevant enough to get a mention on her Wikipedia page) last week.  Why did I think they already got engaged eight months ago?  I swear this already happened.

If this unfortunate dress coupled with the impending betrothal isn’t enough to convince you, how about TMZ video of Carmen refusing to wear a bikini in public?  Come on…isn’t that the equivalent of her posing with a plus sign on a pee stick?

I’d like to be the first to offer my congratulations to Electra.  Either congratulations on her upcoming bundle of joy or congratulations on her upcoming flat and perfectly sculpted tummy.  Either way.  Congrats.

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