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“I am a huge fan of Forever 21 and I’m very happy they have expanded their line to include a plus-size range, but I am not in that size category and this article makes it sound like I am! I am a curvy girl and I love my curves, but curvy and plus-sized are two very different things. I work really hard to maintain my curves while staying slim and healthy, so to be classed as a ‘fuller-figured woman’ of extra large proportions is a little offensive.  For the record, I am a size 2, not 2XL.”

Kim Kardashian, yet another member to join Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson in the Size Two Club,  blogging about how offensive she finds it to be called “fuller-figured” in the latest issue of Us Magazine.

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  • No way in hell that ass is fitting in size 2 jeans; I would watch a pay per view of that event; it would take 2 hours and 2 pounds of grease to get her in them, ripping the seams along the way. I thought she would be offended that someone would say she would wear clothes that cost less than $500 an item.

    • from what I remember, she has a video of her trying on jeans that are like 26 and 27 on her website.

    • Oh MY gawd!! When did Kim Kardashian become so totally, like shallow and stupid? I’m like totally shocked right now. Somebody get me out of the valley, before she completely gags me with a spoon!

  • wow, way to support women of all shapes and sizes. roughly translated her quote reads “hey it’s okay to be ‘curvy’, so long as you’re not fat”.
    bet that makes a ton of young girls feel great.

    • In all honestly- it’s NOT okay to be fat. Curvy- YES, because that implies you’re not overweight, but you’re also not rail-thin. Being fat is UNHEALTHY, and I think a lot of people forget that while they’re defending the plus-sizes.

      • Because you have to wear an XL dress does NOT nessesarily mean you are unhealthy. My best friend is 6ft tall she is not considered overweight for her height but she is a large girl, as any normal person would be at that height. and you better believe that no matter what exercise she does shes not fitting into anything under XL. And just incase no one has shopped at these stores, their sizes are strange and usually small. Im a small girl and i have 3 dresses from there that are large.

        So saying someone is plus size does NOT mean they are automatically fat or unhealthy.

      • Eeeeasy. I know that there are some RARE cases where tall girls do wear bigger sizes. I’m speaking generally. AND I was responding to @freckled veg’s comment: “hey it’s okay to be ‘curvy’, so long as you’re not fat”.
        bet that makes a ton of young girls feel great.”

      • what? I don’t think their sizes are weird. I am thin but not insanely thin and always wear a small.

        My sister is 5’10” and thin/normal sized, and she would typically wear a medium

      • i dont know then maybe its because i have a somewhat big chest, but i have lots of shirts and dresses from there that are medium or large and im a small girl..

      • i agree. i wear a 27 in their jeans, just like i do everywhere else. in fact, i often have trouble finding clothes there that aren’t too big, and i am not tiny by any means. i thought they already DID have clothes for “curvy” girls.

  • I love kim’s body, its curvy and sexy. I covet the curves of women like her, salma hayek, scarlet johansen, eva mendes. But I’m 5’10 and a 123 lbs and a size 2 is tight on me so no way does kim’s big ole butt fit in the same jeans that my non existant one. Who said being a size 2 was ideal, embrace you shape and your size no matter what that be. No need to lie and make the real, curvy size 8 girls feel like a size 2 is perfection.

    • if you are that tall and that thin, you should definitely be able to wear a 2. Your bmi would say that you are underweight.

      • Umm. My best friend has those measurements (except I think she’s at 120lb) and she doesn’t fit into a size 2. Hips you know. :P

        So shh. You clearly don’t know much.

      • Yeah, it is important to realize that no matter what your height and weight… (1) people carry it differently, and (2) the %muscle vs. the %fat in an individual, can make two people of the same weight and height two VERY different sizes.

  • Hey… I’M a size 2 and I don’t look nearly as “full-figured” as she. A size 2 in most jeans is roughly 32-34″ hips, I believe. I highly doubt those are her hip measurements.

    • Yeah, I mean I have my doubts about the size two thing… but in the end, i have to believe her because I seriously doubt she would defend it so ruthlessly. Plus, the camera adds weight, and… as someone has said… she actually did prove her size by putting on jeans on her website :)

  • Only a size 2? Reminds me of the old saying, “Gee Officer, I’ve only had 2 beers.” Cheaahh, right!

  • There’s no way she’s a size two! I’m somewhere in between a two and a four mostly a four) and I’m 5′ 5″ and weigh 110 pounds. I believe she is shorter than that, and no doubt heavier, so she’s just lying (and unconvincingly too).

      • She’s actually 5’2.5″. So you’d both be taller. Now I’m 5’7″, weigh 125 and I can just barely fit into a size 4. Seeing as there’s no way Kim Kardashian weighs less than me (her butt alone must way something like 30 pounds) I’d say she’s either lying about the size thing or she’s very very confused. You can’t just tag on whatever size you want to your custom-made/tailored jeans Kim and Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lovehewitt.

  • You know what I love? How just a few months ago she was trying to prove to everyone that she wore a size 27 jeans (which is about a size 4). Suddenly she’s a size 2? Soon she’ll be saying that she’s a size 0…

  • You know what… i think they size celebrity clothes like that to make them feel better about themselves. Maybe her idea of a size 2 is VERY different from our idea of a size 2, because all the clothing she is given to choose from is sized accordingly. It’s like those upper class boutiques in New York for older women that size everything different so the customers feel good about themselves. In Forever 21 clothing, Yes KIM, you are a 2xl. With her chest and waist measurements she’d be like a size 6, her ass would be a size ten… based on generic women’s sizing.

    • Wow… celebrity clothes? They make clothing lines for celebrities only? If what you meant was designer clothing, it really varies. I am a total clothes horse, and I buy a lot designer clothing, and some , like Ralph Lauren actually make me a size larger than I usually am, in say, J. Crew.

    • Livia you are an idiot just by saying that J.Crew and RL make you a ‘clothes horse’.haha anyway… ehm, what I was trying to say is that Abbi actually made a wonderful point I didn’t think of…
      VERY true!!! Any time I have purchased designer clothes… I’m always so happy that I get to wear a smaller size!!! :) You are right… they just want to make people feel awesome about themselves so they will buy more of that designer…

  • If she’s a size 2, then I just got a whole lot skinnier.
    And I think the article just meant she was a fan of Forever 21?? Obviously she’s not a plus size.

    • THANK YOU wpolochick! that is EXACTLY what the article implies, it says she’s a fan of Forever 21 NOT Faith 21! talk about flying off the handle over nothing…sheesh!

      • haha, that’s funny Shoeluver because when I ready your response it seemed you were the one flying off the handle… wpolochick seemed really calm :/ ?

  • my cousin she is 110 and she is a size two and believe me she doesn’t those hips and that ass heck no!!!

  • I used to work in Eddie Bauer, which is a more traditionally-geared store in regards to size, and even though their size 2 was on the large side (and was likely equal to a size 4 at the Gap or Limited) there is no way in HELL she’s a size 2. I’m a borderline kids size 14/adult 00, and I weight 95lbs and am 5’2. If she’s 118 like she’s recently claimed, and 5’2-ish, shed more likely be a generic size 6.

  • I used to work in Eddie Bauer, which is a more traditionally-geared store in regards to size, and even though their size 2 was on the large side (and was likely equal to a size 4 at the Gap or Limited) there is no way in HELL she’s a size 2. I’m a borderline kids size 14/adult 00, and I weight 95lbs and am 5’2. If she’s 118 like she’s recently claimed, and 5’2-ish, she’d more likely be a generic size 6.

  • Wow. A woman who makes her living as a model and actress is vain, judgemental and afraid of being called fat. I’m shocked.

  • Just to check, american sizes are two sizes below UK, right? So a US size 2 = a UK size 6? Well, obviously she’s not that. But to be honest, I wouldn’t even put her at a UK size 10. I’m UK 10, and she’s definitely bigger than me.

    On a related note, did anyone read the Sweet Valley High books when they were young, and the opening descriptions of the twins, who were supposed paragons of beauty, were their ‘perfect size 6 figures’? How times have changed.

    • Ha! They’re coming out with “updated” versions of the SVH books, and they’ve changed their sizes to “perfect size 4.” (Heard it on NPR!)

    • OMG you guys really? Too funny!!! I totally remember that. Every time I read the “intro” chapter in one of their books I would find myself majorly eye-rolling. And I was like 10

      • ‘Sparkling blue eyes and golden hair’… and it wasn’t just them – their whole family was supposedly insanely beautiful – I bet they were the inspiration for the O.C crew.

  • Someone needs to tell me where shes been getting her clothes for realllllll. I have curvy hips and im a size six but if she is a size two ive gotta be at least a triple zero!

  • If she’s a size 2, i am a -16..Which would virtually make me invisible..She is much wider than her boyfriend, isn’t she?

  • it’s amazing that she is a size 2 or small or whatever you want to call it. She sells a ton of her stuff (including her sister’s and her mom’s) on ebay and it’s all small! The clothes are small, size 2 and 4. I was shocked!

    • ok so even supposing those really are her clothes, do you not think that perhaps the reason she’s selling them is because they’re too small?…

  • what a dumb bitch. she’s at least the same size as me, though she’s taller, so probably a couple sizes larger.

    • Kim’s 5’2″.. so either you’re really short or unsure of her height. i actually saw Khloe and Kim in Las Vegas, and BOTH of them are actually very teeny. it’s amazing how much larger the camera makes shorter girls.

  • hah that’s just kinda funny. she does look much bigger than a size 2…but she looks pretty good so who cares about numbers?

  • I’m 5′ 2″ and weigh about 105 lbs. and am about a size 2. I have very small bone structure as well. There is absolutely no way she is a size 2.

  • uh…ok.

    let me try some math-gymnastics here…

    if nicole ritchie is a size 0, and a size 2 is one size up from a 0 then….

    of COURSE she’s a size 2!


    if kardass is a 2, imma a size 2000, kay.

  • Y’all, I’m sorry, but I don’t think Kim’s fat. Yeah, she has a HUGE ass, we can’t deny it for obvious reasons, but she’s not fat. She might not be a size 0 or 2, but I think she’s curvy but healthy. I do not think it’s fair to call her ‘plus-sized girl’, because she is not. That line is for fat people.. She just has a different type of body.
    No hate, and I am not fan of Kim. I just try to be fair :).

    • Since we are being fair and all, I really wouldn’t say that plus-size is a line for fat ppl. Every body shape is different. Since apparently all the commenters on here are size twos , ill just go ahead and shout out that I’m a size 14. With huge ( and amazing) boobs , a size XL fits just fine. Am I plus sized? Perhaps. Am I fat? Not by normal standards.

  • From the looks of that article is seems that the magazine was referring to Kim Kardashian as a fan of FOREVER 21, not of their plus size line that hasn’t even been released yet. Maybe she should read a little more carefully before complaining and offending a bunch of people.

  • HAHAHAHA. She is so not a 2. I’m 5’3, weigh 110 pounds, and sometimes I can’t wear a two. Size two pants would not go over her legs, let alone hips. That being said, I think she has a gorgeous body, but there is no reason for her to lie about her size

  • Her comment was douchey. Plain and simple. We can see you Kim, we know you’re not fat. I think that her jumping to the defensive should probably tell us that she is having some weight issues and just HAS to let us know that she is only a size 2.

  • Ummm, if she’s a size 2, then I’m as good as invisible. For those celebutards to even say that is not even funny, it’s downright ridiculous, last time I checked I have good vision, and Butt Kardashian, oh I mean Kim Kardashian, couldn’t fit into a size 2 if we crisco’ed her ass and catapulted her into it….this is what I hate about these celebrities, they’re like, be you, young girls should be proud of their bodies, but then get all bent out of shape when they are put into the same category as the rest of the women in the world….”F” you Kim, go work on your “six pack” lol.

  • The article DOES make it sound like she’s plus size, and it thrills me no end that she’s offended because she’s just, just awful – what is she famous for again? Didn’t she date Nick Lachey briefly? That’s about all I can think of, except for the god awful reality show she has

  • Either:
    a) She means her ass weighs that of a size 2 person
    b) There is a new sizing system that goes 0, 4, 6, 8, 2, 10.

    Kim isn’t fat, but there is no way she’s a size two.

  • Unless she has pygmy hands, she’s not a size 2. Just look at her hand-to-waist ratio.
    She’s full of shit. And I hope she chokes on a donut.

  • I also have to share my measurements and declare WTF. I’m almost 6 feet tall, weigh 125 and can’t wear a size 2. I know her fat ass couldn’t even fit in my size 4/5.