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Jennifer Love Hewitt: “Look How Skinny I Am!”


Remember when we were all calling Jennifer Love Hewitt fat, and she was all like, “I love my body just the way it is!” In fact, let me quote again what she wrote on her blog late last year:

I’ve sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women’s bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I’m not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image.

A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn’t make you beautiful …

And like all women out there should, I love my body.

To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini — put it on and stay strong.

But now!

She’s lost 18 pounds!

And she’s gonna make DAMN SURE it’s cover news!


This shit pisses me off big time. Sending mixed messages like this is more dangerous than just coming out and being like, “Dude, I hate being fat and I feel disgusting when I’m fat,” like Jessica Alba did.

Shut. The fuck. Up. Jennifer.

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  • this is sort of like when ash simpson said in interviews that she LOVED herself and then went and got a nose job.

  • Wow. I really had respect for her after she said about being proud of her body. Now, it just seems like that was total BS and she’s a total hypocrite. You can’t knock someone for trying to improve their health/body, but given what she said before, I’m definitely kind of disheartened.

  • did she really lose eighteen pounds?cuz it kinda looks like shes just sucking it in with all shes got.

  • I agree, it pisses me off too with sending mixed messages. She should have stayed fat and set an example that it’s okay to be normal and not stick thin in hollywood. I’ve lost all respect for her!

  • Beet,

    I agree with you, as always, but I think you are coming off a little too strong due to your recent choice in diet. Beet, I can’t wait for you to flaunt your new body and make me jealous!

  • Wierd and kinda sad, but if she feels better more power to her. Just don’t seek the public’s approval to validate yourself.

  • the thing i have a problem with, is why can’t we all be considered attractive? why is it only one or the other [big vs. little].. size zeros [me, included] can’t always help it and i’m sick of people cutting each other up over it.

  • what I hate is how self confidence has made us blind to the fact that some celebrities think that weighing 250 lbs. and being proud is somehow beneficial or something to be emulated by young fat girls (I’m talking to you mo’nique). Why isn’t there some hot ass elebrity that says “c’mon fat girls of america.. I will personally work out with you and teach you to eat healthy. There’s nothing glamerous about having a heart attack at age 30!” meh.. I wouldn’t do it either. it’s way easier to stuff your face and read bloggs all day

  • I’m glad she said what she said and good for her if she wanted to lose weight and did it in a healthy way, but did she really have to make such a big public deal about it? She basically negated everything she said previously.

  • why make a big deal about it???
    i mean wasnt she the one who
    said she liked how she looked
    a little hypocritical

  • I agree w/ shoo – no way was she a size 2. IMO the fact that she had to throw a number out there says that she had an issue with her size.. no matter how much she denied it. I also think it is wrong that she would make a big deal now, thought you were happy with your body jen jen???
    as far as some celebs/normal people being overweight. It is possible to be a bigger person and healthy. I’m not talking guiness book big, I have friends that work out (run marathons) that are on the bigger size. That’s just how some of us are built.
    I think Jennifer is taking something away from people with her wishy-washy attitude. First it was ok, but now look I’m skinny.
    Ok, I just said what everyone else said.. apparently I needed to get it off my chest! :)

  • A size 2 is what she calls fat? Shut the fuck up, bitch because you were not a size 2 when you were caught beached on an ocean.
    Ugh this bothers me so much.

  • Maybe she had to lose weight to get work in her choosen field. We all compromise a lot to earn a living. Doesn’t mean that she did not sincerely believe, and still does, what she wrote in her blog.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Any publicity is good publicity when you are in the public eye for a living.

  • I thought she looked fine before, but she’s in the wrong line of work to NOT look like Kate Moss!

  • um, losing 18 pounds in two weeks is not healthy or recommended. like she really gave her exact diet and exercise plan to the magazine:

    wake up, drink water, puke it up.
    work out , drink more water, puke that up.
    binge on whatever is in the refrigerator, puke that up.
    work out again, drink water enough water to swallow several laxatives and try not to puke it up.
    exercise some more no water, you had enough with the laxatives.
    sleep. do again for 13 more days.

    she clearly has issues with her weight and was healthier judging by what she said in public, when she was heavier. and while any publicity is good for her career, i use the term with irony, i hope other people don’t take her example.

  • Dear Jennifer,

    If you were a size 2 when you were in the bikini pics, what size are you now?????????????? You say that you love your body?? then why the change. You are upholding the hollywood craise, being a size 0. You said yourself that being a size 0 doesn’t make you any beautiful. All you said was bull shit. If you were a size 2 then that must make you a size -4. That is promoting an unhealthy weight. You shouldn’t say things you don’t mean. the people out size hollywood (in the real world) needed people like yourself to back us normal sized people up. I am a size 10 (australian) which would be a size 6 (american), and I am 5″8 (173cm) tall. And I believe that I am the right weight. And you defended people like me!
    I loose all respect for you. Period!

  • You people keep forgetting that regardless of whether she likes being a bit bigger, she is in the business of selling her body so can’t really afford being bigger.

  • @copa: clearly i need to learn how to read! oops, sorry jen. that makes a hell of a lot more sense.

  • I have alwaya HATED this chick ALWAYS, just the sight of her, I have to suffer thru Garfield Movies with my daughter and now with this shit I hate her even more.

    Her and Kirstie Ally Kirstie had the NERVE to tell Oprah once she was only a size 22… yea, you mean one of your butt cheeks and thigh is a 22 She was def a 26/28 maybe bigger cuz of that arse. But to go on and LIE LIE LIE and then want to empower woman of size to back her is bullshit, first you have to admit your REAL size dont lie about it, we aint blind we can see you Kirstie!!!!

    Makes me ill!

  • wow

    i agree with you on this one

    she is sounding hypocritical :/

    if she didnt say what she did bout being happy with herself and shizz then yeah go her

    but why say that then lose weight someones in denial

  • everyone losses weight differently. my daughter was so very underweight until a medication blew her up. now she weighs the same as i do, but looks much fatter because of how she carries. really weird. even our clothing fits different.

  • BIG FAT HYPROCRITE. Or rather, hippo-crit…or even, small skinny hypocrite. Way to give young girls a complex, Jennifer. I think she could do with losing another 30lbs…CUT HER STUPID DUMB HEAD OFF!

  • I’m actualy not surprised she lost it I meen all of the other things posted about her on this site, you say stuff when she’s “fat” and say stuff when she’s lost weight.. God what do you guys want she can’t be both. Imagine all those people she has inspired to lose weight, not all of the US have to be fat you know. But we will make an exception for Beet since her body weight accounts for 4 americans and a horse but who’s judging.

  • Jealous much? Why can’t YOU admit that you love seeing fat celebrities and making fun of them when you are probably fatter than they are. You and PEREZ would make a good couple.

  • WOW!!! i don’t think she used to be a size 2. i’m a size 3 and am way smaller than she was. she looks more like she lost 40lbs. i used to like her now she is a lyeing b***h.

  • omgosh lay off of her … u kno what i hate the way ppl scrutinize celebs every move and everything they say. who cares. if she loves herself bigger and decided she wanted to lose wait who cares. is this where society has come now. to a poin where people cant change their mind. after all she is a woman when she wrote that blog she was prolly angry and hurt but then maybe everybody stupid words got to her. it happens to women all the time. if u call me fat i will chew u out but when i get home an look at my mirror at the end of the day that shit still hurts.

    its time everybody just lay off.

  • o and for the record i dnt think she was saying she was a size 2 i think it was just an example to prove her point … duh

  • Wow. If having huge tits and a butt is “fat” then thats just sad. All it looked like she did was loose the extra baggage (not much) and looks all twiggly in the new picture. She looks less feminine, and less attractive IMO.

  • What do you expect? She was properly perfectly happy with the way she looked and her weight, but imagine having the world call you fat, and unattractive for weeks just hours after you got engaged. I know I would feel uncomfortable, especially with the expectation surrounding her, being on Maxim 3 times, and voted sexiest person on t.v.
    And how hypercritical saying that after making such a thing out of her being ‘fat’, and now that she definitely isnt, your still not happy and are judgemental. I mean, who are you?
    Give the girl a break, shes an actress, she gives millions of people enjoyment everyday, god cant you cut her some slack?

    • I agree she’s my idol! I look up to her I wish I could me just like her when I grow up! Love you jen don’t listen to these mean comments x

  • wow, just because she loved her body when it was a little bigger, does it mean she cant also love her body when she loses weight. Just because she lost weight doesn’t mean she didn’t like her body before, maybe she just wanted to regain her previous figure.

  • She didn’t like her self fatter. No way she was in denial!! She looks so much better skinny and she knows it. Most fat people say they like the way they look because they dont have the will power to be thin. You go Jennifer never looked better.

  • YOU shut the fuck up, Evil Beet. You are just like all the other vampires out there trying to suck the life of celebrities. You stink.