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“I don’t want to turn her into a glamour-puss. We’re all rooting for the underdog here.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, discussing the curious case of frumpipuss Susan Boyle, who captured the world’s heart as a 47-year-old virgin who can sing her heart out. (Video is here.)

I’m also interested to see if the sales of the Les Miserables soundtrack have skyrocketed this week. I betcha they have!

Above find an interview that Susan did on Scottish TV. I personally cannot understand a word of it. I speak English, dammit, not Scottish. If anything interesting happened in there, let me know.

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    • (Psst…um…she was kidding.)


      I think Susan Boyle is so sweet. I’m glad things are starting to go well for her.

      • It’s actually pretty offensive, it’s not like the presenters were speaking in Gaelic, and as presenters they talk a lot slower than your regular Joes (Jock’s? :p) so yeah, poor show Beet. :/

      • how is it offensive that she can’t understand what someone on a medium sound quality video is saying with a heavy accent from a country she doesn’t live in?

        lighten up.

    • Oh, people. It’s a joke. I’m notoriously bad at understanding anyone with an accent. I just don’t process it right.

      • I remember when watching The New World I had to turn on subtitles whenever the English colonists were speaking because their accents were so incredibly impenetrable.

  • I feel bad for her. I’ve seen WAAAYYY nastier people married with 5 kids or so… this chick needs to get laid.

  • Way to be ridiculously American and closed-minded. Just because someone has a strong Scottish brogue… They were speaking English in Scotland long before America was colonized by Britain, after all.

  • I cannae hear a thing wrong with the presenters Scottish accents, perfectly clear to this little Englander.

    I think the main issue is the low quality of the sound because someone just pointed a camera at a TV screen. I probably wasn’t even a digital camcorder but a regular camera or phone.

  • The real show here was her singing! I just closed my eyes and listens and it was very nice, but when you open your eyes its not so nice. Sad I’m so vain.

    • Awe, you’re just brainwashed by the evil media. Susan looks like a real 47 year old would without hair extensions, plastic surgery and a personal trainer. I just love that there is nothing fake about her, so rare these days.

      • If you put Susan and Britney Spears on a stage, made them stand behind a screen and sing into a mic- who do you think would bring the audience to their feet? Britney has light shows, dancers, costume changes, and her voice is engineered. It’s refreshing to see such a remarkable talent like Susan Boyle. I’ve always said that if Janis Joplin started her career in the MTV age, she wouldn’t have a career.

  • The real show here was her singing! I just closed my eyes and listend and it was very nice, but when you open your eyes its not so nice. Sad I’m so vain.

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t want to see singers on America’s/Britain’s Got Talent? I want to see the more unusual talents on that show.

    • I kinda agree. They have Pop Idol and the like for that. But Susan was a real shocker, I mean you could see from the judges faces they were gona send her off asap.. until she started to sing.

  • The clip of her singing completely brightened my week. She is extremely talented and I am tired of the cynical comments about her needing a “make-over.” Whoopi defended her looks this morning on The View but leave it to bitter “SO WHATTT” Joy Behar to say Susan needs a make over and her eye-brows plucked.

  • amazing. simply amazing. i was NOT expecting that voice out of that woman and that makes me feel slightly ashamed. i hope she gets everything she’s ever dreamed of.

  • Paul Potts reloaded or something? SO boring, I would bet any money that they have an extra casting for weird locking people with a slightly interesting biography before the show…

    Of course, she can sing, but imo everyone is like “omg, so awesome” “aaawwww” “blaah blaah blaa” right about now, because deep inside everybody knows that we all don’t hesitate to diss people like her that don’t fit in at first sight (and I mean really not fit in, not like… don’t fit in to be fitting in again or whatever) … so fake

    My english sucks, didn’t mean to offend anybody, but … you know?

    • “I would bet any money that they have an extra casting for weird locking people with a slightly interesting biography before the show…”

      Or maybe she was chosen because she has TALENT.
      And you think it’s boring?

  • She’s incredible, pure and simple. The fact that people dismissed her because she didn’t fit their preconceived ideas is pathetic! Let’s see you Laura get up there on national television and not look average!

  • Susan is a beautiful person inside and out and her voice just exemplifies that.

    I also bet/wish that everyone of her nasty neighbors suck shit and are sooo jealous!!!!!!

  • I don’t think that she is boring, as I said, I bet she is a very interesting person … and I also said, that I think she has got talent… but that whole hype around her is just as fake as it was with paul potts… Look at both of their first performances – the expression on the jury’s faces was exactly the same… she coming on stage, everybody is looking at each other like “wtf”, laughing at her, expecting her to suck, just because she doesn’t look like Kelly Clarkson, then she starts to sing and uh, wow, everybody is so moved and BANG – hype… that IS fake to me… cause it represents just the way we look at each other on the daily base… you fit it? you must be worth something. you are homeless, or a virgin, or fat or disabled or whatever? well then come back when there is something about you that we can exploit on national television

    • I understand what you are saying but I don’t think she’s being exploited, Susan seems to be pretty aware of the fake people around her. I was just watching Diane Sawyer interview her and what an idiot Sawyer looked like, she was so patronizing to Susan but Susan held her own and was quite sharp and funny. I really dislike that the media is obsessing about her looks, I don’t see anything wrong with what she looks like. We can’t all look like Demi Moore at that age.

      • She seems to be smart enough to be knowing what she is doing… I’m just hoping that everyone who goes like “oooh, how beautiful” about her proves his behaviour towards others in his daily life, too.

        Whatever. I’m annoying, I know…

  • I also think that Susan is a very wise lady given the fact that she has put up with phonies and assholes all her life. She knows what the media and blood suckers are doing and I think that she has a really good head on her shoulders.

    Actually we all could look like Demi Moore if we had a monthly plastic surgery allowance of $100,00+, because I bet that’s what Demi spends on up-keep. Demi is about as natural as Pam Andersons boobs.

  • I think Susan is amazingly sweet. She is the prime example of what these talent shows are all about: Taking someone who is truly talented out of the woodwork, and bringing them into the spotlight for their talents to be properly appreciated.

    I knew the stylists would be all over her once she was accepted to go through to the next round, and I see her hair has been nicely tamed. But dont you think an eyebrow wax is, well, necessary?