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Drew Barrymore Denies That She’s Back with Justin Long


Despite all the pics of them cuddling at the Grey Gardens NYC premiere, Drew claims she and her ex-boyfriend are just good friends. They’re good friends who are also going to be co-starring in a romantic comedy that films later this year. And all of this is just a publicity stunt totally genuine respect for each other.

“We’re doing a film this summer,” she says. “I guess people find it a little confusing. I totally understand. It seems like, ‘What is the deal with them?’ But we just adore each other. We’re in each other’s lives, and we’re friends, and we’re working together, and we have worked together.”

Drew also says she wouldn’t mind it if Justin started dating other people. She hopes he meet “fantastic people because he’s a great guy, and he deserves the most happiness.” As for her own dating life? “I am still just not ready for anything,” she says. “I’ve spent two years really with a very different life than I’ve had before. My priorities have changed. I directed a film. I did this drama [Grey Gardens]. It was something I’ve never done anything like … and I don’t know how to maintain a relationship to be honest, while I’m doing all of that.”

Oh whatever. Let’s say it all together now: “BULLLLLLSHIT.” Justin and Drew are totally boinking, she’d be furious if he started seeing someone else, and she’ll be back in a serious relationship within a month or two.

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