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Is There Anything Ashlee Simpson CAN’T Do?


Married mother Ashlee Simpson(-Wentz) showed up Thursday to film scenes for the CW’s Melrose Place remake — and she brought Sprinkles cupcakes! How sweet! She must REALLY want to keep this job!

I’ve been hearing rumors from folks inside the CW that the pilot script really sucks and the network may not even greenlight a season. Personally, I think that’s probably bullshit. There’s enough buzz around this show already that it wouldn’t make any sense for the CW to scrap it entirely. I think Ashlee & Co will get at least a half-season. I mean, it’s not like the CW has anything better to air. But I just pass on what I hear!

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  • They need to stop re-doing every single show that WAS popular once upon a time. How about some new ideas?

  • Ashlee sucks. If you want to hear a real singer go to youtube right now, there is a nice treat waiting for you: a NEW Susan Boyle song. She recorded the blues classic “cry me a river” for a charity cd years ago and someone posted it. It’s all shades of awesome. I just cannot figure out why someone didn’t sign her years ago.

    Beet can you post the clip?

  • As irritating as I find her, I can’t help but like her style at times. It pains me to say that, but it’s so true…

  • As irritating as I find her, I can’t help but like her style at times. It pains me to say that, but it’s so true…

  • Anything she can’t do? Uh, sing and act. Or keep the details of her sex life quiet. Yuck.

  • I’ve unfortunately had the displeasure of watching a few episodes of both Gossip Girl AND the new 90210 (a girl I was dating made me do it) and because of that I’m certain any rumors going around that the CW won’t pick up the new Melrose Place because of a bad script have to be fake. Gossip Girl and 90210 are absolutely painfully bad and horribly written pieces of crap so there’s no way the CW will pass on something just because it’s bad.

    • Ashlee, that bimbo who once had a tv show all about herself where she would whine and bitch about everything? and mope about her sex life with Ryan Cabrera?

      This bitch is so desperate to stay relevant she popped out a baby with Pete Wentz the man bimbo (who is bi-polar when it comes to his “sexuality”) and blabbering about Ashlees titty milk. Two twats, who are pretty much perfect for each other!

      yup that’s hollywood for ya. Its rare to see anyone with a brain and talent these days……….

  • well i wont be watching, never wwathed the first one and i wont watch the sequal, how fuckin boring