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American Idol Judges Will Have to Check Their Egos


After American Idol opted to have only two of the judges weigh in on each contestant last week, the outrage among fans was heard ’round the world, and it didn’t miss the ears of the production company. This week, the judging will be back to normal, with all four judges weighing in on each contestant. And there’ll be the same number of contestants this week as last — thanks to the Matt Giraud save last week — so everyone’s just going to have to act like an adult professional rather than an eager schoolchild and keep their comments in the allotted time. I’ll be interested to see how that works out for these four gigantic egos who just happen to be attached to human bodies.

Meanwhile, E! asked readers which judge they could live without. The results were not at all surprising:

Kara DioGuardi, 44.3 percent
Paula Abdul, 35.7 percent
Randy Jackson, 17.4 percent
Simon Cowell, 2.6 percent

No one likes Kara. No one was ever going to like Kara. There was nothing that anyone could have done to make us like Kara. Kara is basically just Paula with less valium in her system. They should have gotten Janice Dickinson or something (who will, for the record, be appearing on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Outta Here! this summer).

But I am surprised that Paula is considered more dispensable than Randy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Randy Jackson, but he and Kara are definitely the most boring of the judges. I mean, I don’t care what Randy says, because he’s just going to be reasonable and relatively polite about it. He’s not going to tell me anything I didn’t already know. But Paula? You just never know what will slur out of that vodka-soaked mouth of hers. It’s always a surprise! And it’s never really a sentence! I would miss Paula way more than Randy.

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  • I love Randy! Simon is awesome. I’d actually rather hear Kara than Paula because at least Kara (usually) can put a sentence together.

  • janice dickinson was on the UK version of i’m a celebrity in 2007 already! haha she would probably still be funny though :P

    • yep – and now she’s bringing her amazing self to the American version as well… because… well… what else does she have going on?

  • Randy says the same thing every time. “Yo dog, I liked it, it was pitchy. Dog. Pitchy. Pitchy.”

    Paula is the same way. Every time, you can almost hear the gears in her head turning, trying to think of one comprehensible thing to say. And yet it always comes out as a jumbled mess of “I…think…it was good. I really, really like you, you’re a super person. Never give up on your dreams!” Whatttt.

    Simon is really the only one who still has a functioning brain.

  • They’re all a waste except for Simon, he gets right to the point. I cannot stand to hear Paula babble on anymore, it’s old. I would love to see someone like Madonna or George Michael guest judge, at least they are actual performers and know what it takes.

  • How hard can it be to tighten up the banter and limit judge’s comments to a specific timeframe? Let them practice all week. Have a guy counting down how many seconds each judge has left, standing right next to the camera.Let Paula read her stuff straight off the teleprompter. She never has anything to say about the actual peformance anyway. The judges also have to stop reacting to the boos from the audience. It takes up precious time. Whoever is producing needs to get his act together. It’s a live show for pete’s sake. Pay attention to the time and make everyone focus.

    • If they let Simon start the flow instead of end it then the audience can get the boo-ing or the cheering out of the way, the judges can just make fun of something he says that’s “British” and him and Paula can flirt, uncomfortably, and then it’s done.
      Back to Ryan…

  • the way kara speaks, the tone she uses, it’s really irritating. she kind of drags her words out. wellll honeeeyy youuu knowww.

    she has nothing extra to add that is worthwhile so I just save myself the agony and fast forward past her comments now.

  • They need Kara as an insurance policy in case Paula doesn’t come back next season. They just need to find a way to slowly get her addicted to some sort of mind altering substance so she will be a proper replacement. Surely the staff have been slipping something into her food or beverages, slowly increasing the dosage. I expected her to be a bit more off the beam by this point in the season. Perhaps they underestimated her abilities — she may be a highly functioning addict and no one realized. Who knows if she will be ready to step up as the voice of crazy by the beginning of next season. I don’t know what we’ll do without that.

    • LOL

      You have seen through their plot with such ease.

      I like Kara though. She has an insider’s view of the music industry and is a nice girl, kind of like what Paula was supposed to be before she just started coming to work trashed.

  • Kara and Simon are the only two that give helpful comments and relevant criticism. Paula is a “fan of” everyone, which is fine, but plays favourites, which is unprofessional. Randy..I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything useful or concrete.

  • Awwww, I really like Kara. She is the one I can relate to the most.

    Why don’t they keep all of the judges and cut back on a few commercials?

  • kara seems to know her stuff, but she’s pretty boring. and i, too, don’t like the way she talks. i know it seems like such a nitpicky and shallow reason to not care for a person. but she is always so groooooovy and smooooooth and digggin it. but i would seriously love to challenge her to keep her hands at her sides for one show. i dont think she could do it. LOL

    paulas usefulness has long outlived itself. now she’s just entertainment.

  • Relax!!!!!!!!!!!…..It’ll only be 3 judges next season….Simon is tired of traveling so much, and he’s talking about skipping out on us. It’d be a boring show somewhat without him….Admit it!….We all watch the show to anticipate what Simon’s comments will be. I agree with him almost 95% of the time. You can take what he says to the bank…And, he has $112 million to prove that he’s been right all along.
    Paula can’t keep her hands off him, and he eats it up….Together, they bring in the viewers as much as the talent. So, what’ll bring us the excitement if Simon doesn’t renew next season? Bring on a young stud that Paula can relate to (secretly).