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Will DVR Mishap Hurt Adam Lambert’s Chances Tonight?

Update: FremantleMedia made YouTube pull the clip. But you can watch it here.

If you’re anything like me, you were absolutely devastated last night when Adam Lambert’s American Idol performance was cut off by your DVR. Because he is your fantasy man, despite the fact that he’s hopelessly gay, and because the show ran eight minutes over. EIGHT MINUTES! How does that even happen? You’ve been doing this for eight seasons, Idol producers. No one over there has any capacity to keep their eye on the clock? Totally unacceptable. Maybe fewer commercials next time, eh?

Adam was — in what’s becoming something of a pattern, and I doubt accidentally — the final contestant to perform. His entire performance went un-recorded by TiVos and DVRs everywhere.

So here’s my question: Is this going to impact Adam in the voting? Obviously a lot of us headed straight to the Internet to find a clip of Adam’s performance — there’s one above, if you want it — but not everyone’s so tech-savvy, or has an Internet connection at home. Will people fail to vote for Adam because they didn’t get to watch him? Are they going to address it all on the show tonight? I’m very very curious.

Oh, Adam. I thought my days of crushes on gay men were over once I got over Reichen Lehmkuhl (okay, I’m not really over him, but we’re making progress), but I’ve fallen for you soooo hard! I LOVE YOU, ADAM!!!

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  • I’ve never voted for AI before, though I do love it, but last night I had to endure the ridicule from my husband as I voted frantically and repeatedly for Adam since his performance was cut off by my DVR (I also DVR Fringe, so I caught it that way)! That is so unfair to my darling Adam, but I really think the judges would use their save on him and make sure he never performed last again. I love me some Adam!! And I’m a 30 year old woman, sigh.

    • I am just the opposite, I only DVR Fringe and missed the last 8 minutes of the show as AI had run over…

      I don’t understand how this happens, since they make so MUCH bank on AI, they should have cut the commercials as necessary to get Fringe back on time…

      They are greedy though.
      And as long as AI is their big cash cow, screw other shows.
      I would hate to be a person who starts DVRing 2 other shows on different channels and miss the AI though…

  • why would it matter if DVR people missed his performance? chances are pretty good that if they didn’t watch it live they wouldn’t be voting. there is only a 2 hr window after the show ends to vote.

    • That’s the same thing I was thinking Yo. Most people voting are probably watching the live show.

    • I DVR it so I can skip the commercials. I start watching half an hour after the show starts. I have plenty of time to vote.

      • I feel like the people who vote either 1) are watching it live and saw Adams performance or 2) Already have their mind up about who they vote for each week.

    • Thats not all together true,, I and some of my friends, etc. record the show and then watch in right after or in far enough so you can skip the commercials!!! I was sooooo mad, but I voted for him without seeing it, and the ironic part is I am a die-hard TEARS FOR FEARS fan, and did’nt know what he was singing! I loved it, when I saw it later!!

  • Theres no way the DVR or Tivo people would matter they cant vote anyway. You have to be watching live for it to matter and vote.

  • I seriously doubt it will affect the voting much. His fan base is HUGE, and rightfully so! Luckily, I was home last night and watched it live, because I would be SERIOUSLY PISSED if I found I’d missed his performance because they had to get in enough commercials or because Paula and Simon had to get their air time…

    If, on the slim chance, it DID affect the voting and they let him leave AI, that would absolutely be the last show I’d ever watch… EVER!! The only way I can stomach Paula’s blather now is knowing Adam’s performance will make it worth it!!

  • Since it’s been on, I’ve watched about an hour of that show. That hour was spent watching audition rejections and Sanjaya. I usually don’t like covers of songs that I love. Any way, that was a great performance. The song seemed very personal to him, as opposed to just going through the motions. I doubt that any of the other performers are any where near that level. I think I might finally pay some attention to this show.

    On a side note, I thought it was pretty funny when the parents were talking about his interests as a child and his dad says “Sports, not so much” with a smile.

  • How funny… Last night was my first night this year in voting.. and I voted for Adam twice since some people might not have seen him. I love him, and I noticed also they put him near or at the end… because he’s the one I’m tuning in to see and I have other things to do… I might not finish watching it if he went first.

    Who do you think is going home?

  • Oh, I just went to your link and watched it again… am I smitten, am I a proud mother, am I just absolutely gone over this guy? I don’t know… but the question really is…

    am I the only one who gets choked up watching him perform?

    • Hell no. I love this guy.

      Everything I see him do just makes me like him on another level. At first, I was turned on, now whenever he sings I just melt into a puddle of warm goo.

  • I have never watched American Idol before, but I watched the clip and literally got goosebumps just listening to this kid. His voice is haunting and sooo beautiful. I’m definitely a fan now. Lol.

  • That was performance, perfection and drama in one. Adam will go far, far beyond his expectations.

  • I know in our market Fox cut American Idol off and started Fringe on time so we missed Adam totally since I make sure I DVR both of them. American Idol has really lost its luster for me but I do Love Adam and Lil’. So for people who don’t understand how people who don’t watch it live can still vote. That is easy. My partner and I start the show after the show has ended and then we can normally watch the show with in 20 minutes. We watch about 10 seconds of each performance and if they suck which most do we skip to the judges and if we like the performance we listen to it all the way through and the judges comment. So we can vote and watch at the same time. Who wants to watch the show and commercials all the way through… defitnatlly not me!

  • Ugh… Who cares about Idol! I totally missed the ending to Fringe because of that stupid show! Now how will I know if they caught the serial killer, or if the really pale kid that read peoples emotions had to go live with the CIA at the end. BOO Idol!

  • dude who gives a shit if he’s gay you all know gay guys are just sexy!!!!
    plus American Idol is about their voice, not their sexuality besides he is great at singing. But yeah that’s about it i vote for adam cuz he’s
    A.) hot
    B.) he’s a great singer

    Peace out =)