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The One Where I Peace Out, But Not Before Plugging Our Sponsors

Hey all!

So I’ll be in and out here over the next couple of days. My BFF is coming into town tonight, and I’m so excited to show her around my adopted hometown of Seattle, and to spend time with her, because I haven’t really spent any extended time in the same city as her for years. Wendie will be around working her special brand of bloggy magic, but posting will be slower than usual because I won’t be chiming in as often. However, I’ll be sure to give you guys a full report on the Britney Spears show on Thursday, for which I am currently trying to find a pink wig. Anyone know where I can get a pink wig in Seattle?

Meanwhile, since my friend is coming in from San Diego — flying out of the sunshine and into the rain — now seems as good a time as any to fulfill my contractual obligation to plug one of the awesome sponsors that keeps this site in business, San DieGO Downtown. San Diego actually is a perfect place for a getaway right now, especially if you live anywhere near or like Seattle, where the sky didn’t seem to really read the memo that it’s spring now. Airlines are cheap, hotels are offering crazy booking deals, and restaurants are practically giving food away. San DieGO Downtown is a great resource about San Diego, specifically the downtown area, with info on hotels, restaurants, happy hours, shopping, events, free events, sample trip itineraries, and more. They have an ongoing spring campaign right now called Time to Spring-Diego where added deals are being offered now until April 30. You can use San DieGO Downtown to book a hotel now through April 30th and receive free restaurant coupons. So if you’re looking for a little SoCal sunshine, and the thought of LA makes your head hurt, consider San Diego, and check out San DieGO Downtown for info and deals.

And, with that, all my contractual obligations for the week are complete. I’m outtie, kids. See ya at the Britney show!

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  • I live in SD’s N. County and I love it. It’s never too hot or too cold. It’s always sunny, and there is a ton of awesome Mexican food.

  • That’s funny. I have a great pink wig…but I got it in San Diego. Guess it’s a little late for that.

    Have an amazing time!

  • Well if you can’t find a pink one, just get a blonde wig and some pink hairspray and go with it.

  • The wig shop by Pike Place is called Fair Hair. There’s also Costume & Display by Northgate behind TJ Maxx on Roosevelt… Hope you find one, I’ll have to look out for your pink wigness!

  • The best thing about San Diego? It’s just a minute away from Tijuana Mexico, home of the Donkey Show and bargain prostitutes!

  • love the nod to Friends in your heading. hope you have tons of fun tomorrow and i even hope you get a peek at brit’s pussy because i know it would just make the event that much more authentic.

  • beet: for wig shopping you can try redlight on broadway or university, or display & costume. and also? white people should never, never say peace out. just a tip from me to you.