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Josh Groban Kissed A Girl And He Liked It



Good morning and Happy Monday!  Did you guys enjoy Evil Beet’s new writer Kelly as much as I did?  She had me laughing all weekend and I wished Monday would never come.  As a matter of fact, I looked in the mirror this morning and sighed, “Ah, you again?”  The only thing that can cure me of the Monday blues is to talk about love.

I don’t know if we can really categorize this as love, it could just be great head, but Josh Groban is reportedly hooking up with Katy Perry.  Now, when I say “hooking up” what I really mean is that someone, better known as “an unnamed source close to the couple,” probably saw the two of them simultaneously reach for the same dispenser at Yogurtland.  If they spoke to one another, that could be classified as “making wedding plans.”  I think we just have to stay tuned on this to see if any pictures of the two actually appearing within five hundred feet of each other ever crop up prior to acknowledging that the world’s weirdest union is unfolding right before our eyes.

Unrelated yet related in my scary mind:  Does anyone watch Ugly Betty?  I do, and I think Betty’s boyfriend Matt looks like Josh Groban.  I put him in the gallery just because.

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  • oooh, he totally does! i’ve been thinking he looks familiar for the past few weeks, and you just solved the mystery…

  • Well, if the story IS true, this could be a potentially fun couple to keep an eye on. I like Katy Perry (not really as a singer, because she doesn’t generally do her ‘own’ stuff) as a performer and I think she’s totally cute. Josh Groban is, well, generally frightening, but I think Katy, if anyone, could crack the oddity-shell that encumbers Groban.

  • It’s odd, but I could see them together.
    He’s not completely unfortunate looking and in my opinion Katy is the most adorable person to ever walk the earth.

  • Loved Kelly, she is such a gifted writer! Can’t wait to read more from her on the weekend.

    I think Katy Perry and Josh Groban are a cute couple, they are both very eccentric and goofy. I just hope they don’t release a duet… that could be scary.

  • When I took a first glance at Katy’s picture, I totally thought the microphone was a Rabbit Vibrator. Idk why! It just reminded me of one. *sigh* I need help. lol

  • I totally loved Kelly….but I love Wendie just as much! You both are fantastic and the perfect addition to Beet.

  • Yes, I totally watch Ugly Betty. It’s so much fun.
    Yeah, they totally look alike but that Matt guy is way cuter probably cause he has better hair.

  • JOSH… NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now..I like Katy Perry..

    But I just LOVE Josh Groban. I remember hsi first time on Oprah..that voice..that music…

    Fast forward to Katy Perry’s music..totally different. Let’s hope he is not her ‘dancing banana’ anytime soon!!

  • I sooo (heart) Josh Groban! Hey, Josh — if it doesn’t work out, call me… just call me… With that voice, you can look anyway you want to, honey baby… Mmmm….

  • Katy and Josh have been friends for a couple of years and hang out quite often with Katie’s buddy Markus Molinari. There are tons of pictures of the three of them. There are also pics of Josh out bowling with Katie and a few friends. Doesn’t mean they are dating OR that they are not…..just that they know each other. Maybe their friendship is turning into something….warmer…. I wish them both the best. Josh is gorgeous and has a wicked sense of humour and Katie seems to be a pretty funny girl herself. And she’s very pretty…..

  • Wendie, you are too damn funny! I don’t know why, but the “I put him in the gallery just because.” killed me. It’s the little things that crack me up!

  • I went to a party about a month ago and both Josh Groban and Katy Perry were there.. but so were Amanda Bynes, Perez Hilton, and Michelle Trachtenberg. It was the oddest group of celebrities imaginable.