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Words I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say: Heather Mills Signs On With Burger King


Yep, our favorite mono-legged vegan has crawled into bed with Burger King as spokesperson to promote their new vegetarian burger.  In exchange for services provided, BK is leaving $6M on the ethical (as long as ethics don’t include taking money from burger-flinging fast food chains) meat shunner’s nightstand.  And by “shunned meat”, I mean Paul McCartney’s dick.

A spokesperson for Heather only had this to say:  “Heather has been a vegan ever since she lost her leg and she has been developing and refining vegan recipes ever since.”

I can’t fathom the dark depression I would plunge into if I lost a leg.  The only thing more devastating than losing a limb?  Losing bacon.

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  • there’s a big difference between being a vegan and a vegetarian– can she even eat the vegetarian burger?

  • maybe they’re going to be making the veggie burger vegan now…and also, it is less scary for the general population for a restaurant to refer to something as ‘vegetarian’ instead of ‘vegan’.

  • even if they were vegan, as a vegan myself, no way in hell would i step foot in a burger king and eat their ‘vegan’ burgers made by 15 year olds who could care less about their jobs.

  • Vegan or vegetarian, it doesn’t really matter. She is a huge fucking hypocrite. HUGE. There is no excusing this. This would be like the president of PETA promoting a single vinyl coat among a line of furs. Or something. I’m so mad, I can’t even come up with a proper comparison. But she sucks.

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for more than half my life, and I consider boycotting fast food joints one of the most important parts of my decision. Being vegan/vegetarian isn’t just about not EATING meat, it’s about not SUPPORTING irresponsible meat-based businesses!

    ps. do you give a s*!# about the rain forest? then don’t eat McDonalds!!!

      • you know, i’m not a fan of fast-food joints and avoid them the best i can, but it’s pretty impossible to “go all the way”, jinx. this would be like refusing to pay admission to a museum because there is art on the walls that has animal products in it (like some paints, analogue photo prints, etc.) speaking of which, i’m guessing you never get digital photos printed by a lab and contact companies in advance every time you buy a coloured pen or paint, right? ‘cos you know, some of them contain animal-derived pigments…

      • I have to totally agree with you. Being vegan isn’t about perfection, it’s about reducing animal cruelty in your life. That said, however, promoting BK is a pretty awkward choice, but I wouldn’t say it makes her an out-and-out hypocrite.

        Oh, and Wendie:

        “The only thing more devastating than losing a limb? Losing bacon.”

        Imagine how the pig feels. ;)

  • “Heather has been a vegan ever since she lost her leg…”
    What the hell does that mean? She lost her leg, ergo she doesn’t eat anyone else’s.

  • mmmm bacon, yeah id be sad if I couldnt ever eat that again!

    and yea, what a greedy cunt, if she REALLY was vegan (or not so desperate) she wouldnt do that shit!

  • “New vegetarian burger”? NEW?
    It’s been their for years. Four years ago, when I became a vegetarian? It was there.
    Unless they’re making it vegan or something, it’s just…not correct.