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Turns Out That Scottsdale Is As Ridiculous As L.A. When It Comes To Dealing With Celebrities


I know Beet was being optimistic, but as expected, Charles Barkley is getting the same treatment reserved for celebrities.

Barkley is set to serve his time for his oral-driven DUI.  He was originally sentenced to ten days, which was cut to five.  Now the brutal week-long sentence has been slashed to three days and begins tomorrow.

Does anyone want to place a wager that there will be a massive prison overcrowding and he’ll have to serve a sentence of shorter duration than the average temper tantrum I witness around my house?

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    • It’s hard to say. Yes, Arpaio is a moron. But look up DMX. He is not getting ANY special treatment. Possibly because he is acting like a complete ass, but anyway…Arpaio is an attention whore. If keeping Barkley in for the three days will get Arpaio some publicity, he will probably do it.

      /Maricopa County resident

  • Altho Sheriff Joe does, indeed, love the spotlight, I doubt Chuck will be wearing any pink jailhouse garb or eating baloney sandwiches anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong, though. I love Charles Barkley, but he was a complete idiot in this situation, and maybe a weekend at Casa Tent City would give him some humility. I just can’t believe his wife is still married to him. He’s been infamous for his extracurricular activities in Phx for the past 20 years!