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Michelle Obama To Appear On The Cover Of Oprah Magazine…With Oprah, Of Course


Big, potato-bloat Oprah is having Michelle Obama as the cover girl of the April issue of Oprah magazine.  And, predictably, Oprah is in the picture as well.

I thought for sure suck-up O would have her arms wrapped around the first lady like they are the oldest of friends who just came in from an afternoon of carbs and shopping.  Instead, it just looks like she’s praying for the photoshoot to be over so she can get back to the business of being giving out unsolicited advice and being her general holier-than-thou self.

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  • I like Oprah too, but it really pisses me off that she’s the EVERY cover of her magazine. Too, too much.

  • Why does O INSIST on being on the cover all of the time. We don’t want to see her!!! Beet, I LOVE it when you go after her. GIT’ER GIRL!!!

  • That’s a terrible picture of them both. Why would they pick that? It’s probably the most awkward magazine cover ever.

  • omfg… I am so sick of seeing Michelle on magazine covers. She coould do much instead she’s wasting her time hosting cocktail parties and posing for magazines. ughhhh

  • they look like they should both be wearing white cotton gloves.

    I like them both btw :)

  • I like them both, but there is something very wrong about this picture, I totally agree. Too much pastel colors. They look like they’re wearing barbie clothes.

  • love Michelle, lukewarm-yet-a-little-annoyed by Oprah and her comments about herself, and not loving this picture overall. I am guessing that they wanted a “candid”/”in the moment” shot, but I like Michelle smiling at ME.

  • c’mon… the woman can do no wrong!
    don’t hate on Oprah… leave the hate for Chris Brown.

  • ok,now I get why bloggers get annoyed at comments…”this post is more annoying…”yadda yadda yadda…bulll doodie…

    Oprah insists on being the only one on the cover…marketing to the mass of middle america…but now that she knows the pres. wife…make room…yes, in her holier than though…tude.

    never read these posts until now..hilarious that bloggers can be sarcastic…and the comments can get so nasty…

  • Yeh, Oprah’s a pain in the …
    I think liking Oprah is an american thing. I live in Europe and there’s no hype about her here at all. She’s just a fat annoying lady, end of story.

  • Hey, look! It’s Nero’s wife and some other idiot fiddling on a magazine cover while Rome burns!!

  • To those who just loved Oprah.
    It is normal that people just hate to have too much of something.
    ei. music, foods, television ads, quotes like “It’s not a rocket science” and personalities like Oprah. I believed it is fair to say that somebody, at one point, had enough of someone who you always see on tv, newspapers, magazines and a cover photo of her own magazine. There is probably the new medical term for that. The “excessive personality exposure disorder”.

  • You guys are a bunch of jealous haters. Oprah isn’t perfect. Who is?
    But she has added an element of class to the daily talk show.
    Don’t be a bunch of haters because she is going to be around when the others are long gone and forgotten.

  • “unsolicited advice”?
    HA! Tell that to the millions that watch her show, buy her books and basically view her as one of the best role models a girl can have.
    You’re hate for her is totally pathetic and it just makes you come across as a jealous toddler.

  • I think the picture is Hysterical as In
    Oprah: Please, PLEEEZE! Just none more bag of chips.
    Michelle: No. no dear. You’ve had your fill. That’s it your cut off!

  • Oprah sees Obama as wonderful therefore Michelle is. Oprah is very confused. She is looking at race before anything. Obama is a NWO puppet but Oprah is blinded by the fact that he is black. If she had been on the OJ Simpson jurt she probably would have voted for aquital.

    She started out with a good show now she features cult members, and defends woman like Stacy Lannert who three weeks before killing her father tried to find someone that would and wrote checks and stole money from him. Oprah cares more about money and ratings than intergrity anymore. Has she sold her soul to achieve success or was she always like this? Her well publicized expenditures on that girls school in Africa and her big giveaway of cars that were paid for not by her but by the car manufacturers were her bragging about what she had done. Real thumanitarian donate time and money not for publicity but because they care.