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Coolio Is An Idiot


Coolio, remember him?  Other than appearing on celebrity reality television shows, what’s this dude been up to?  Drugs, apparently.

Artis Leon Ivey, or you know-Coolio, was headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma today to play at the Flytrap Music Hall.  Yeah, he still gets singing gigs and the Flytrap Music Hall sounds like one fancy establishment.  As an aside, I just went to their website and they have no pictures of the place and no indication that his $20 a ticket concert for tonight has been cancelled.  I’m ahead of myself.   Unfortunately, while going through security at LAX, he was pulled aside because the screeners found cocaine on his person.  And got arrested for possession of crack cocaine-hence the cancellation.

I never understand why people bring their guns and drugs to the airport.  Have you not done this before?  Do you not know how it works?  These people x-ray your bag and pat you down.  It’s the same thing.  Every time.  I know, I know…I’m expecting rational thinking from a coke head.

Sad, though.

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  • A friend of mine once went to the airport with a friend who had weed on her and the dogs sniffed her out and everything and they searched and searched them but couldn’t find it… because they sew their weed into the lining of their coats.

  • I just listened to a radio commercial here in Tulsa, they are still promoting the show.

  • Chinchilla fur = heartless :'( Couldn’t expect rational thinking from someone who wears that coat.

  • Regarding Flytrap Music Hall – it’s a fairly new venue, therefore, the renovation/decoration has not been completed. Hence, the reason there are no photos of the establishment.
    Secondly, the show is not being cancelled because Tone Loc is already in Tulsa and geared up to go on with the show (which is featuring 2 local DJs and successful SXSW favorite, PDA).
    Flytrap is an extremely hip, welcoming venue that hosts eclectic shows – from members of Widespread Panic (who played last night) to George Clinton and Parlaiment Funk (playing next week).

    Please put facts ahead of opinion.

  • aw. coolio will forever have a place in my heart for starring in the best sci-fi original movie EVER — “Pterodactyl” and no i’m not being sarcastic. it’s pure golden cheesy goodness. and someone should tell him they won’t catch you if you wrap your goods tightly in a plastic bag and stick it up your butt.

  • yeah, I never understood people trying to smuggle drugs and/or weapons on planes. Hello? they even make me take off my flip flops now.

    Travel smart. Only bring pills. Duhhhhhh. And if you must, throw that shit in the bag that you check.

  • What did you expect? He now going to live a Gangstas Paradise with Bubba and Tyrone… jail. Coolio is not cool anymore not even a mild breeze just alot of hot gas!

  • “a friend of mine once went to the aiport with another friend who had weed and they sew it in there”…….what are you a retard!!!!! shut up you brain adled skank!!!

  • is it just me or is Coolio’s family the UGLIEST family to ever grace t.v.? and did you see the mother of his children? he would have to be high on crack to sleep with that pig.