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So I’m pretty conked out on sleeping pills right now, but still nowhere near sleepy, just a little unqualified to be writing anything extensive at this point. But I needed to get these pics up for you guys PRONTO.

What I will say is that I think she looks fantastic. Her body is as good as it’s ever been, and, while she’s obviously worked her ass off in the gym and in the dance studio, a portion of it is inarguably due to a little nip, and not from the bottle, either.

Early reviews from her show have been raves, which stands in stark contrast to the other much-hyped opening this week: Watchmen pre-screened this week to less-than-pleasant reviews. The rest of the media is technically embargoed until March 6, but I’ve had several people who were present at the early screenings tell me, in confidence, that it’s not a very good movie. Le sigh.

But Britney? Rocked it last night. It looks like I’ll actually be in LA for a bachelorette party the same week her tour comes to LA. Ummm, anyone wanna come with me to that show too?

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  • She looks awesome!
    I’m so glad she’s back on top.
    She’s kicking ass.
    I’m so happy for her.
    She’s a celebrity who deserves this comeback.

    • Me too. It seem, however, that during her time away, she has lost that fresh look that she once had. Im afraid that she may have lost a lot of the fans that she once had. I hope that there are people that will support her in her new role. She has gone from tiddie bopper to full woman now! she will eather be a huge success or she will fall flat on her face. I think she would be awsome in movies, however, from her last examples, she could probably use some acting lessons.

  • I am so excited to see this show! I think she looks great, and kept her energy up throughout the entire thing. She seems to really be having a lot of fun.

    I will be in LA that night for the show! We should meet up, Beet. I would love to meet the famous (or infamous) Beet!!!!!

  • I’m glad that she’s out from under her emotionally distraught and drug induced cloud, but the cage that she’s working in on stage seems like a clear reflection of how she’s feeling about her life now.

    The meal ticket for her father, ex-husband and children is back in the harness. She herself has said that she doesn’t feel okay and tells “people” (father?), but that no one listens.

    While I’m thrilled that she seems healthier and is working, I can’t help but wonder what will happen when she gets free (if ever) of her father’s control. Will she have any more life skills or common sense? Or will she boomerang right back into another self-destructive binge aided by more, but different, exploitive men?

    I hope that someday someone values her as an individual and not just as a ticket to a slice of her wealth and their own 15 minutes of fame.

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    Beet perhaps it is a clear sign that we don’t give a shit about Spears and her lack of any talent.