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And We Have Videos!!

Of Britney’s Circus tour, opening night!

Three more vids after the jump.

SOOO excited to see this live.

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  • hmm… she looks like she worked out for sure, but not quite enough. Maybe by the end of the tour she will have knocked off those little love handles. eek!

  • why even bother with the lipsync? she should just go on stage and dance around. pretty much the same thing.

    and I hate those super high glitter pants. but besides that, she looks great. good for her. I missed hot Brit Brit

  • it’s good to see her getting back to being an entertainer. but half of those costumes just were not good for her body. i would fire whomever picket those out.

    also, whoever that dude was in that womanizer clip, the one she’s standing over, they should send him my way. i will womainze the hell out those abs.

    • I’ve never gone to a Britney concert, but it think it would probably be a lot of fun to see the old Britney perform. Back before the trainwreck phase (at least the very obvious stage of it), she was one hell of a dancer/performer, so you could almost excuse the lip-synching since she was putting on an awesome show. Now though, from what we’ve seen, it’s just so lackluster. Now, the lip-synching isn’t really justifiable at all….

  • i dunno, i had high hopes for brit but now after seein these clips im dissapointed.
    she looks a lot thicker around the middle (and overall) than ive seen lately. for a while there, the pics i was seeing had her lookin like she was 18 again. i mean, she looks good considerin everything she’s been through. But,
    i just don’t see how she picked up 7 or 8 pounds in 2 or 3 weeks (with all the workin out).
    but anyway, gettin away from her looks for a minute, the lip-synching!
    she’s not even trying anymore.
    i agree with lisa, she should just drop the act and go out there and dance. i mean everybody (including the kids) know she’s not singing live.
    and her dancing! jeez, she looks like shes stiff, and not lettin herself go. britney is NOT an old woman, but i get that feeling when watching her (kinda like gramma, I mean madonna)
    well anyway, maybe as the tour moves along she’ll pick it up
    but i tell ya, usually the artists are are all charged up and goin at it hard when at the START of the tour and wear down as they go.
    if it goes that way in this case, it will not bode well for britney

  • Shes so trashy. She doesnt sing live. What is she even doing on stage with a microphone. Its like people really pay to see some below average looking girl dance around to below mediocre songs that record companies want us to believe is really her but how would we know, she never sings live.

  • Yay… crappy lip-syncing! Now that outta be a wonderful concert. You get to pay to watch a nutjob dance around and move her mouth to really bad prerecorded music. Yay!

  • The reviews of her show have beeen TERRIBLE. Like she is there just going through the motions, not engaging, un excited, etc. I hope she pulls it together, I’m excited for her!!!

  • Poor Daddy knows Britney must have her fix of exposing herself and express her tensions and emotional turmoil or she will blow up and go into another raging bar crawl fit, while making her a tidy profit and settling her other troubled urges to mix in with a dubious crowd in the background! Before her addictive needs have driven her to get involved with and to have sex in dangerous places or get into stupid situations with people a sane person would not normally choose. What a nightmare keeping two steps ahead of this scheming misfit!

  • Nooooo!! They’re GONE!!! Damn I was looking forward to getting a glimpse of what I won’t get to see this tour! Grrr! Go Brit!

  • Now, see? I didn’t know that she lip-synched all her concerts. But Perez, who was there, says she did. I would be pretty pissed to pay for that.

  • Ahhhhhhh, why can’t I watch the videos? It says they have been removed.. I wanna watch them so badly! Please, HELP! :(

  • i live in New Orleans and I REALLY REALLY REALLLY REALLY REALLY REALLLLYY REALLLLYY wanted to go to her concert but my friend did and she did mention that Britney was lip synching but it is pretty hard to do all those moves that she does ANND try to sing along while your breath is running short and such!

  • I saw Britney back on her ‘Oops I did it again’ tour when I was in high school and I just saw her again last night in Atlanta. Yeah, she wasn’t singing live but she had her moves down and I have never seen the Phillips Arena sold out like that, not even when I saw Matchbox 20 or Coldplay there. She’s moving in the right direction and completly rocked!