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Terminator: Salvation: The Trailer


I think it’s just a movie of explosions and Christian Bale yelling.

Still, I’ll definitely see it.

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  • Stupid McG slow motion explosions with unmotivated camera moves. Charlie’s Angels were 2 retarded movies and this is what McG is best known for.

    He needs to go back to music videos. Now.

  • explosions, christian bale yelling (wonder how much acting that took *wink wink*). definitely gonna be a winner

  • I think they just showed us all the best bits of the movie… I will still go see it though it looks pretty damn cool!

    P.s. why doesn’t Evil Beet remember my details anymore? (name, email, website)

    • It’s because of new software we installed several weeks ago to help the site run faster. I’m working with the developers right now to see if this can be fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      • Ah ha ok cool at least I know why now! :)

        Is the green writing with scrollover ads new too? Or am I just reaaaally slow at noticing things?

      • Is it just me or is that a different but similar picture of you, Beet? You look prettier.. just a thought

  • Ohh I suspect I’m gonna love this movie!! Killer robots, Christian Bale and Nine Inch Nails music! It just can’t get any better!

    • that’s what i was thinking! trent rezner + christian bale + h.r. giger-esque robotics = HOT!!! almost a hotness overload.

  • looks totally awesome. The trailer kind of reminds me of the wachman trailer you know? like with the slow-mo and the music etc

  • He only yelled in the last 30 seconds of the trailer…
    And that was only for 10 seconds or less???

    It is a Terminator movie, hence Sci-Fi, so I will see it to support future Sci-Fi movies…

  • I feel like some of it looked straight out of bat man.
    The bike that come comes out from under the train.
    The helicopters.
    The voice that stays in monotone.
    I’ll still go see it though.

  • I kept waiting for the Joker’s laugh… mwhahahahahahahahha
    What’s with the one which believes he’s human? Is it Terminator Salvation or Blade Runner Salvation?
    No cameos by the Governator?