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Charles Barkley’s DUI Lands Him Jail Time

Charles Barkley DUI Scottsdale Mug Shot 2008 Pictures Photos

Good for my home state of Arizona for showing that even celebrities have to do jail time for their DUIs.

Charles Barkley will do five days in Sheriff Joe’s Tent City — where the inmates have to wear pink underwear — after pleading guilty to two counts of DUI from his arrest back in January. He’ll also have to pay a $2000 fine and take an alcohol awareness class.

And knowing Sheriff Joe, you better believe Charles will do the full five days. No Nicole Richie/82 minutes shit there.

I adore Charles, and I think he handled his arrest very well, but it’s good to see actual jail time being doled out to celebs for their DUIs.

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  • haha at above.

    I’m glad he is going to jail too. AZ is pretty good at making people ACTUALLY serve their time. Good for them!

  • But Beet, is jail the answer? Increasing computerization and background checks will make it nearly impossible for Barkley to relocate and start over in a new community or even find a low-wage job. More than likely, the five-day dehumanization experience will leave Barkely unable to conform to the rules and social constructs by which the rest of us abide without much thought., and more to the point, a recent study done by Brandeis University (SPRP Project: Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Lingerie Treatment Programs) has shown recidivism rates among inmates forced to wear pink underwear was 70.5%, nearly double that of white-or-gray-underwear-wearing inmates. Just sayin’.

  • Pink undies for 5 days isn’t going to “leave Barkely unable to conform to the rules and social constructs by which the rest of us abide without much thought”.

    It’s clear that by drinking and driving he has already chosen to ignore the social constrcts by which the rest of us abide.

    Glad to see he’s doing the time, 5 days is nothing really. I is a serious offence, I don’t know if this is his first time and I don’t know how AZ works, but if it happens again people like him should never be allowed to drive again.

    He is handling it well though. I’m glad he admits he screwed up. This is his chance to think about it.

  • If you are dealing with a dui please begin your relationship with God just say out loud now Jesus I believe and I accept you in my heart.
    Thank you