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All My G-Strings

I have just been alerted to the existence of this brilliant clip from All My Children, where the character of Ryan Lavery unexpectedly reveals that he is wearing a thong on the set.

Ryan is played by actor Cameron Mathison, who is a very attractive man, but will probably be getting a lot less pussy in the coming weeks.

Do straight men ever wear thongs???


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  • Beet! Okay I got the scoop.
    Okay let me tell you, there was a huge fuss over whether it was actually a thong on the internet. Because Sheri Shepard is crazy and a soap junkie she talked about it on the View, and because All My Children is on the same lot as the View, Cameron Mathison came over and got pissy and said it was his shirt caught in his pants. Youtube it. It’s hilare.

  • How did you miss this beet? This happened a while back I saw him on the view talking about it. He said he wasn’t wearing a thong that was his undershirt tucked into his pants or some odd story. Whatever. And Yes I just admitted that I watch the view.

  • I think you need to start watching The Soup on E!. Not only because they play clips like this, but because Joel McHale is hilarious and I promise you will fall in love with him!! Sadly he is married and a father :( OOO and I believe he is from the Seattle area, so ya know, maybe you can become his friend and he can tell you about all the cool spots, haha. But seriously, watch The Soup.

    • seriously, beet, watch the Soup. You won’t fall behind on gossip.. which is kind of important, this being a gossip blog and all… <3 you!

  • My ex used to have a leopard print one.

    I was snooping through his room and found it behind his dresser. I couldn’t stop laughing! I went to him and held it up with a “what the fuck” look on my face and he said he would only wear it on first dates.

    He said it made him feel sexy.

  • OHHHHHH more then his thong did anyone else notice that Rebecca Budig is NOT aging well….she kind of has a “Punch and Judy” face thing going

  • i saw this story on the soup like three months ago..
    he was also on a talk show to tell that it WASNT a thong

    his shirt was tucked into his shirt when he got up

    old news..

  • Even if this is old news I’m glad you posted it, I was laughing so hard I cried. Whether it’s a thong or just looks like one, it’s hilarious.

  • Um that was his shirt not a thong.

    The second time they show it you can see a gap between the “shirt/thong” and his jeans. So it can’t be underwear. Pause it on 0:38 and you’ll see.

  • Frankly, it would probably make him more interesting if it were a thong! He shouldn’t try so hard to make us believe that it wasn’t.