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Virgin No More!


Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, eloped with Minnesota Timberwolves point guard, Marko Jaric.  The two quietly got hitched in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on February 14th, but just announced their union yesterday.

Lima gushed, “We are so excited about our future together.  And we are really looking forward to a big romantic wedding this summer with all of our friends and family.”   Why didn’t they just wait until this summer to get married in the first place?  You know it wasn’t because of some unplanned pregnancy.  Adriana, a 27 year-old devout Catholic, has always vowed to remain a virgin until marriage.

May the couple experience many years of joy, happiness and fucking.

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      • Dude, I am engaged to a Catholic. He, his whole family and the community are more strict on ‘no contraception’ than ‘no sex before marriage’.

        If she is gonna hold out on sex for religious reasons, chances are she will hold out on contraception for the same thing.

        Lot of shotgun weddings go on in middle class Catholic communities.

      • dude, I went to Catholic school for 12 years. That’s where I am getting my point of view. Maybe it is just different for different parishes, etc? and if it’s a shotgun wedding, well they obviously aren’t going with the whole no-sex-before-marriage, right?

        I thought you were pregnant? Or am I TOTALLY confusing you with someone else? That could easily be it.

      • I went to Catholic highschool (not Catholic, but it was a better school) also, and got a lot more ‘no contraception’ nunning than ‘no sex’.

        I know its a sterotype, and Im not trying to offend anyone, but I not in my Catholic friends situations, they get married and 6 months later they pop the first of many kids out.

        I dont think that it is necessarily logical, but for whatever reason many Catholics in my sphere of existance are more strict about no contraception than no sex before marriage. Many are strict about no contraception AFTER marriage. Others are more concerned about no sex BEFORE marriage. Im not saying its gonna happen, I dont pretend to know, but there is a possiblity she will now have many children.

        I am preganant, but its only moving the marriage up three months – so its kinda a water pistol wedding rather than a shotgun one!

      • well, then your boyfriend wasn’t strict on the no-sex-before-marriage thing as you previously said, then was he?

        and I didn’t understand “I went to Catholic highschool (not Catholic, but it was a better school) also,”

        I am not offended, and I am not trying to offend you either. My school actually did teach about contraception and stuff.

  • 1. Fuck that, I don’t buy that shit. Surely she’s been shagging around and she got her hymen reconstructed at some private hospital. 2. If she has really sticked to her vow, she has lost a very fun, important part of her life as a young adult.

    • You consider sleeping around a fun, important part of being a young adult? I actually think it’s a very, very sad thing that so many people give themselves so easily to others.

      • I agree wpolochick. When hip-hop hit hard it suddenly became cool to be stupid. Now things have gone from bad to worse and younger people think that they have to surrender their virginity after a game of beer-pong. This place is going to hell in a handbasket. God save us.

  • she’s beautiful obviously but her religion was more important to her than satisfying lusty carnal desires. I find it alarming that Catholicism is so openly disrespected when if she were a mu slim this would not even be up for discussion….

    i wish her all the best.

    • I disagree, I think her virginity or lack thereof would be discussed no matter what religion, purely because she is a stunning girl.

    • Oh no, here we go with one of those “Poor Christians are so persecuted, we only make up 90% of the U.S. population” things.

    • That’s cos most people are too scared to question Muslims and their crazy beliefs lol.

      But no, I totally get what you’re saying.

  • I believe she stayed a virgin. I know people who surprisingly stayed a virgin for a very long time, as a choice. I think people just assume because shes a gorgeous model, there’s no way. But believe me, if you saw the people I just mentioned, you would never guess they stayed a virgin. Although the people I’m talking about weren’t having sex, they were definitely getting blowjobs every weekend. In my opinion, it still counts. But to other people that’s still cheating the vow they made. Oh well. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, she stayed a virgin.

  • I knew a TON of catholic girls in high school who wanted to be virgins until marriage.. except for all the oral and anal sex they were having.. I swear I’m not making this up

  • “If she has really sticked to her vow, she has lost a very fun, important part of her life as a young adult.”

    stuck? how is having sex when you’re younger than 27 any different than having sex when you’re older than 27? she hasn’t lost anything, she can still have that very fun, important part of her life at ANY age.

  • A devout Catholic Victoria’s secret model…sounds like a oxymoron to me, but I guess just as convincing as her virginity.

  • Well… I’m glad I’m not Catholic… cause I’m not married, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sex!! It’s my favorite necessity … besides, you know… oxygen. But I think that’s very admirable of her- to stick to her guns and do what she believes is right! Congrats to her!

  • i think its a good thing that she’s being a good role model and showing that you don’t have to be slutty to be admired! i’m a catholic, and i don’t condemn sex before marriage, but i do think its good to wait.