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Your Daily Lohan


Um … so Puss ‘N’ Boots hasn’t been out and about for “candid” photos hardly at all lately, and neither has Samantha.

It’s all very strange.

Lindsay never just disappears like this.

I miss her.

In place of your Daily Lohan today, here’s the flyer for the Valentine’s Day party she and SamRo are co-hosting. It’s at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida (yes, that’s where Anna Nicole died), and I can’t believe someone was so stupid as to pay Lindsay Lohan to host an event that Samantha’s DJ’ing. The rest of the world has figured out by now that if you just book Sam to DJ, Lindsay will come along for free.

Hopefully there’ll be a really big Valentine’s Day fight!

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  • At first glance I thought it would be something about Britney Spears’ Circus tour by the way it looks.

  • I still have NO fucking clue what Beet or any of her little Beet groupies find appealing about Lindsay Lohan. She’s not attractive, not even remotely interesting, doesn’t even act anymore, isn’t funny, and is completely full of herself. She’s like an enormous joke that I just don’t get.

  • Everytime I read something about her I get a bit sad. One or two years ago the german press was alle like she did so well in Giorgia Rule, she did so well in I know who killed me, she is highly talented, she is amazing, she outacts everyone, we should all stop about her breakdowns and start talking about her talent… I want to see her in a real big awesome movie.