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Holly Madison Quits Her Job at Playboy!


No way!

I thought she wanted that job more than anything in the world!??

Holly Madison has resigned from her job as Playmate editor for Playboy — apparently because she wanted to spend more time with Criss Angel in Vegas. Sources at Playboy says she hasn’t really been doing much work around there recently anyway.

It’s funny — I was watching Girls Next Door last night for the first time in forever. The episode looked like it had been filmed in early-to-mid 2008 (they were casting the 55th anniversary Playmate), and the change in Holly’s attitude toward Hef was so, so obvious. She was traveling for a week on the casting search — she and Hef never would have been apart that long in the past — and Hef kept saying, “Wow, that’s such a long time for you to be gone,” and “I miss you so much” and Holly would just laugh awkwardly. In the past, she would have been like, “Oh, Puffin, this is horrible, I can’t stand to be away so long!” but you could tell she was totally over him even at that point.

Oh, and also, some of the finalists Holly found in that casting search?

Were the Shannon twins he’s dating now.

So, like, basically, Holly brought him his new pussy.

Anyway, I guess I understand this, but Holly was so excited about that job! She was also pretty good at it, as I recall. I guess feelings do change, though.

Does Bridget still have her Playboy radio show?

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  • Yes, every Friday 1p-2p edt. Plugged.

    You could tell there for awhile that Holly didn’t want much to do with Hef. She would whine and whine about wanting kids or say something about getting married, he would ignore her, and she’d slowly get more and more pissed off. I should have had a bet on it. DAMMIT.

  • urg holly makes me squirm. she didn’t quit they probably fired her since they weren’t contractually obligated to put up with her any more.

  • I actually just saw an old one too, when all the finalists went to the mansion. The twins were awkward and idiotic. DOWNGRADE.

  • This is a just another pathetic (fake) attempt (in the past few months she’s been dressing down, covering up, not wearing makeup, etc.) to show Criss she is PURE enough to bring into his Greek family – she will do ANYTHING (other than work a real job) to land her next SUGAR DADDY – and its ALL AS FAKE AS SHE IS.

    IF CRISS IS THE STUPIDEST MOST PATHETIC MAN ALIVE – expect Criss to propose on Valentine’s Day!!

  • Yes, Bridget still has her radio show. She’s been too busy with her Travel show to do any new episodes lately. But we have talked about a return date. nothing settled.

    Farrell (the guy who runs playboy radio)