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Tony Parker Buys a French Basketball Team

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria at SAG Awards Pictures Photos

Eva Longoria’s hubby — who is originally from France — has purchased the second-largest stake of ASVEL, France’s most titled professional basketball team, and he will, he says, begin serving immediately as the club’s Director of Operations. Not too shabby for a 26-year-old.

“Why not, why not?” Parker answered, when asked if playing for the French club itself was in his plans. “When I’m 36, 37 years old, who knows how my NBA will go. Why not play one more farewell year in France afterwards? I’ve raised the subject with Eva, and she has nothing against living in France.”

Parker also described his intention to expand his current Tony Parker Basketball Clinic operations around ASVEL’s home base in Villeurbane, a Lyons suburb, citing another celebrity athlete as model. “I’d like to center them as a training center in Lyons, something like David Beckham’s [soccer program].”

I’m very impressed with Tony’s decisions to expand his empire at a young age and invest in something other than his athletic skill, but I’m also very amused that he thinks he’ll be married to Eva Longoria ten years from now. It seems his long-range planning is strong in some areas and weak in others.

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  • I live in San Antonio and various Spurs players are seen around town regularly. I’ve heard that Tony Parker is the BIGGEST dick. Refuses to speak English, wont sign autographs etc. What’s funny is to most of the country Eva Longoria is a bigger Star than Tony Parker, not the case here. I also have it on good authority that when they visited the zoo here Eva Longoria looked pissy the entire time because Tony Parker was getting swamped and no one paid any attention to her.

    I think they’re both conceited ass holes.

  • Hey, shouldn’t you at least start the marriage thinking you’ll be married in 10, 20 years? Can’t fault him for that.