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We Hear …

That the Jonas Brothers will be performing “Superstition” live at the Grammys … alongside Stevie Wonder.

Even our tipster said Wonder was “a complete tool for agreeing to this.”

What do you guys think?

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  • tool. ugh.

    the creepy thing is that my 56 year old mother is OBSESSED with the “jobros” as she calls them. blech. so weird.

  • Ugh I hate these guys!

    They have the most annoying voices and theyre so annoying! I dont get why theyre so popular (Maybe theyre the backstreet boys of 2009)

  • have you ever heard their cover of the song?
    i mean, it’s not stevie wonder, but it’s great!

  • ugh… i say bad move for both of them. teenage girls don’t care about stevie wonder and those of us who enjoy real music could care less about the jonas bros.

    • I’m a teenage girl, and I love stevie wonder and despise the jonas brothers.
      We are not all mindless twilight/jonasbrothers/robertpattinson obsessed drones.

    • I at least agree with the sentiment… fans of Jonas Brothers do not care about Stevie Wonder…. fans of Stevie Wonder do not care about the Jonas Brothers. good call stillmg

      It’s like….. who on earth is this making happy?

      for shame stevie!!!!!!

  • Their 15 minutes of fame is almost up. Why do we have to see the group Hansen all over again??? Mind you, they sound the same, but the faces have changed..

    • WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Don’t get me started. Hanson are TALENTED. Anyone who says they aren’t hasn’t listened to anything past Middle of Nowhere, because This Time Around, Underneath, and The Walk are amazing. They’re an actual band. Don’t penalize them for Mmmbop.

  • Stevie is one of the best things to happen to music, and the Jonas bros. are one of the worse things to happen to music. I hope Miley sings with Aretha Franklin, just to make it burn.

  • Awww, Stevie is just a nice guy! He’s no tool! The Jonas brothers are like the Hanson’s of today. They will not be around forever. Thank god.

    On another note, I heard their song “when you look me in the eye” and I literally thought it was Shania Twain! haha. That song is SO BAD. So Whiney. Not what I call music!

  • Damnit! Now Stevie?! Doesn’t Stevie have enough “F-U Money” to save us from another one of these embarrassing mash-ups?
    *sigh…* Nothing is sacred. It’s NOW OFFICIAL!

    Sorry all; I’m totally let down.

  • Not that I necessarily support this newest development in the world of Stevie, but he has a long history of collaborating with the current “It” artists. Some end up being classics while others just make us shake our heads… like Paula Abdul and “NSYNC.

  • nobody should sing “superstition” except stevie. actually, nobody should sing stevie wonder songs except stevie…there – i said it.