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Shania Twain Wife Swap


There have been a couple reports that Shania Twain has been seen with some dude Frédéric Thiébaud.  Which, you know, who cares?  But Thiébaud is in the middle of a divorce.  From the woman that is now with Shania’s soon-to-be ex, Mutt Lange.  People is reporting it like they are just traveling companions.  Two people going through similar situations who have discovered a friendship.  I’m calling total bullshit on that.

Back in May when Shania and Mutt split, I was the first to jump on the blame the guy bandwagon.  But who knows?  Maybe she had the affair.  Maybe they were swingers who decided to trade out.  Personally, I am praying for a full on spouse swap.

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  • She looks awesome, he looks like a gnome. Hopefully there will be more and more dirt coming out on this… meaning a pubicist putting Shania in less clothing as she dishes more trash… Just follow the Jennifer Anniston process… I can see Shania on the cover of Marie Claire wearing nothing but a lobster bib soon; well, ok, that was a “flashdance” fantasy; but, I’m just saying.

  • It’s being reported that they spent 5 nights together in Key West and Miami, staying at various luxury hotels. They were seen kissing, and Shania and this guy were also seen on the balcony of their hotel, Shania in a bathrobe and him without his shirt on. Everything points to them being alot more than traveling companions.

  • This happened to two couples my parents know. Both new couples ended up getting married. And of course, the two who did the cheating in their original marriages are no longer together. The other couple is still quite happy.

  • Sad when this happens…I know Mutt Lang and I´m sure that Eja means everything in the world to him…we talked about having kids back in 1992 and my son Timi was born in 2001 also…he IS everything! My wife is 35 now (2009) and I´m 63…Every minute with my son is precious to me.

    I hope all of this gets better and wish that the ghouls could get lives or a brain between them.

  • ¡Que me importa si semejante minón aprieta a fulano ó a mengano! ¡MUCHO MÁS ME IMPORTA QUE NO ME APRIETE A MÍ!!! ¡DALE SHANIA, AQUÍ TENÉS PARA APRETAR!!! ¡TE ESPERO!!!