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Oh Mother of God


‘Tis the season for the Virgin Mary to be showing up all over hell.  You could just be making nachos one day unaware that you are due for a divine intervention all in the name of a blender gone wild.   And nothing, nothing says “Mary” like splattered salsa on your kitchen wall.  Which apparently happened to some chick in California.   Sightings on freezer doors, hospital windows and $28,000 grilled cheese sandwiches are totally expected between October and December of any given year.  Have these people read The Holy Bible?  Because there’s some pretty miraculous shit going on in that book.  I truly believe that if Mary or Jesus want to drop in, they could make a more impressive entrance than uh…dip. 

Anyway, does anyone ever really expect to see the Virgin Mary on the cover of the December issue of Playboy Mexico?  Or anywhere in Playboy for that matter?  Banana chips?  Fine.  But Playboy?  There’s gotta be a line somewhere; isn’t this it?

Of course, Playboy has issued a distancing apology explaining that they don’t approve Playboy Mexico content.  Yeah, that makes sense.  The publisher of Playboy Mexico, Raul Sayros, said they were going for a Renaissance vibe on the cover.  Huh.  Missed the mark on that one.  Unless Renaissance is Spanish for slutty mother of Jesus.

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  • this is just wrong. and to be honest, quite obscene, and totally unnecessary. as a catholic i feel personally insulted by this. seriously why do they feel the need to fuck around with something that is so sacred to so many people? its just unnecessary, especially in christmas time. put her in a fucking santa hat or something kids, and no one will give a flying fuck. but this….. im sorry the line is sooo crossed..

  • Didn’t bother to read that freaking novel you write underneath it but the cover of the mag cracks me up.

    Oh jeez, I’m a heathen. Please save your torches pitchforks and just crucify me. That’s really the only way to go isn’t it~

  • I find everything about Playboy to be unnecessary. It’s pornography, what do they care about religion or the social conscious?

    But if the line is crossed, are you calling them out?

  • Ah come on guys, it’s just a playboy. All the free pornography on the internet makes them have to come up with stuff to compete.

  • jaja en México han hecho un gran escandalo por esto lo peor es que el día que lo publicaron es el dia en que es la fiesta nacional de la virgen de Guadalupe uno de los máximos iconos religiosos del pais es por eso que muchos se ofendieron.

    Por cierto gran pagina soy tu fan.

    • Seriuosly? they published it on the feat day of the virgen of guadalupe?? That’s f*cked up.

      AND to publish this during Advent is even more WRONG.

      perhaps we’re “tight asses,” but depicting a religious figure so obcenely is disgraceful.

  • I mean, that’s offensive and all, but it doesn’t shock me at all.
    Because I’m totally sure someone’s done it before.

    Crap. Now I feel obligated to cruise the internet for Jesus-porn.

  • The Virgin Mary is not just a sacred figure to Catholics, but is very much a symbol of Mexican identity and pride. This is demeaning and disrespectful.

  • Did anyone else think at first glance that this was Ashlee Simpson? Bc before I read the text under the picture, I read Mother of God and thought maybe it was the article where Ashlee talks about becoming a mother and how it’s changed her life blah blah blah … maybe it’s just me.

  • the interest of these magazines escape me totally,
    maybe I should try and read one sometime;
    the cover is obviously meant to provoke
    it’s offensive
    and not appealing
    even if you ignore the offensive nature of it.
    As to the Renaissance explanation,
    I think Mr Sayros should read some history books
    and find the true sense of the word,
    the richness of it’s context
    and the ridiculousness of his allegation

  • creepy. you don’t have to be religious to be grossed out by that cover. it’s just all kinds of weird. Yay, the virgin mary half naked! just what I always wanted in my porn! ew I hope it was supposed to at least be way after jesus was born, since mary was like 13 or whatever.

    and yeah, isn’t the virgin mary a big deal in mexico? I don’t get it. it just seems disrespectful. are there really people like lusting after the mother of Jesus?

    Playboy FAIL

    • playboy really did faill

      lol she was 15 when jesus was born apparently although thats abit wrong in itself

      shes not properly naked you cant actually see anything just a bit of boob and
      pornogrophy is the revealing of genatalia and i cant see any genatalia therefore its not pornogrophy ;)

    • lol
      at that lisa

      you read it ?

      well if you see boob like proper then yeah i see why thats offensive but the front cover not so much

  • Dude. I’m in SHOCK with this. Mexico LOVES the virgin Mary, and if this came out on the day of “La virgen de Guadalupe” celebration, then it’s even MORE demeaning.

    I can’t believe they risked that.

    That really is offensive.

    I bet you they sold a shitload of copies though.

  • Omg i have so much to say i have deleted the book i just wrote in here like 5 times… But i don’t wanna be long, so here’s the thing: Im mexican. I am VERY disappointed, i never would have thought, for one second, that my country would do such a thing.. I don’t know what’s worst to be honest, it is so wrong in so many levels that i don’t even know how to say what i wanna say..

    Here’s what i don’t understand, we’re the ones posting comments yesterday or the day before about jennifer aniston posing nude for some mag, and that’s ok. But now it’s all about religion, isn’t it?..
    The bible say adultery is a sin, and it also explains, that adultery is not only having sex with a woman that’s not the wife, but it’s also lust, so if you have thoughts about having sex with somebody else, it’s still adultery in God’s eyes. And we all know porn is just wrong, but it’s ok if other people do it, dressed up like other characters, because we’re so religious, right? Im sorry but i believe that’s a buncha bullshit.. Either you like it or you don’t, either you support it or you don’t, either you watch it or you don’t, but it’s got nothing to do with being religious, because if you were religious, you wouldn’t be looking at the rest of them magazines. Period. So i don’t understand why all of a sudden we’re so worried about who’s going to hell or who respects our God more… It’s hipocrite, in my eyes.

    Either way, keep it up mexico, you’re making us look like ignorant assholes, like we needed help with that shit when we live in another country.. Thank you very much..

    • I don’t really believe in the Bible, but still think it’s fucked up to have a fake virgin Mary posing on the cover of playboy.

      And, if you are that concerned about sinning… seriously, even reading this blog is probably not helping you out ;) you are surrounded by heathens, dear.

      • No no no Lisa, don’t get me wrong.. I don’t believe in the bible either, i’m just saying that for the people that is really into the religious stuff, porn alone is very offensive, and we have never cared about that. That’s what i meant to say. Now, not only we don’t care about offending them with all the pornogaphy and stuff, but also, like you said, to have a fake virgin Mary for a cover of that mag, is really fucked up. I disagree with it, not because of the bible, but because it’s offensive, and it’s mexico, and i’m mexican..

        But no, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t mean to sound like some kind of freak, i was too mad to even decide what i wanted to say, cus it is so wrong i didn’t know where to start..

        And about the sin part, we are all sinners in one way or another, nobody’s perfect lol.. Thanks for the comment anyways, i apreciatte it. Happy holidays!

  • If only someone had read the magazine cover, anyone!! The model featured in it is called María (Mary in Spanish), and the title “Te adoramos María” means “We Adore You, Mary”, a part of the Catholic Mass. I don’t really think it’s that wrong, get over it, there are wars and starving children!

    • mireee…. i think it’s the fact that she’s half NAKED and in a porno mag that is pissing people off. and I’m sure they’re not just reciting a part of the Mass in the mag… I’m sure she’s probably spread eagle or bending over or something… soemthing that is definitely NOT part of Catholic Mass.

  • There’s one problem with those who don’t like this: The person on the cover is NOT, I repeat NOT, the real virgin Mary. Maybe the picture is a person, whose name is Mary, and she’s a virgin. This is right up there with people who find pictures of Jesus on a potato chip. In fact, I think people who believe Jesus showed up on their potato chip is crossing a line, but this is just Playboy doing what they do. I’m so over it.

  • im not religious but it is just plain rude. respect other peoples’ faith. it is just like those newspapers which print caricatures of Mohammed and offend muslims. it was unnecessary and offensive. if you don’t understand that you’re certainly living a self-absorbed life.