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Jennifer Hudson Update

More details are revealing themselves about what led to the tragic deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew.

Reports say, in early October, suspect William Balfour accused his estranged wife Julia (Jennifer’s sister) of having a boyfriend.  He threatened to harm her family if she didn’t end things.  Julia brushed off the threat as he had made similar statements in the past.  A couple weeks later, when at the Hudson’s house, he saw a gift that was given to Julia by her boyfriend.  He again threatened her.  And allegedly made good on his promise about an hour later. 

Here’s the lesson:  if someone threatens bodily harm to you or your loved ones, take it seriously.  Call the police.  Have documentation.  I don’t know if it would have made a difference in this case or not.  But what if it would have?  The mother in me is just so sad about this case.

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  • So true. A lot of women rarely take their ex’s threats literally and don’t take the proprer precaustions to protect themselves, God forbid anything happens. Hopefully this case will save other women from violent crimes like this.

  • Restraining orders don’t mean shit. Regardless if she had of called the cops or not, the outcome would have been the same.

  • why did he care so much if she did have a BF anyway? he had other girlfriends. I don’t understand when people are all possessive over things they don’t even have anymore.

    ahem, Aniston…

    no, totally kidding. but I don’t see why everyone didn’t think these threats were serious. he is not just some normal dude. he served time for attempted murder already. like, if he says “I’m going to kill you,” this is actually a realistic possibility.

  • Why was this psycho even allowed in their house? He wouldn’t have gotten past the front door if it had been me.