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The Latest Installment of Plastic Blonde Perfume Launch

I’m adopting a new rule with my friends.  Don’t even talk to me if there isn’t an atomizer/dusting powder gift set with your name on it at my local Macy’s.  You are nothing without your own fragrance line. 

And I am aware I’m fixating at this point but this is my puppy cam.  Knowing that Fancy (Jessica Simpson’s newest), is supposed to be representative of things she likes, what do you think it smells like?  I’m thinking hot dogs with half-notes of barbecue.

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  • Hookers rapped in hot dog buns with half notes of cheap plastic flowers and undertones of fancy vanilla desperation.

    Here’s to hopping your head won’t pop off when Smiley Miley hits the shelves–I mean your puppy cam. That would be woolly mammoth rapped in flannel with half notes of dirt and grass and undertones of a witch doctor’s hut.

    (Dog is very cute! Coat makes her look a bit big.)

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