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I’m Smiling But I Secretly Hope You Fail

Simon Cowell has always been a hero of mine.  I think my love for himstarted a few years back when he said Beyonce wasn’t a good singer, didn’t have a good body and that he found her fame mystifying.  But now Beyonce is performing on December 13th’s episode of X Factor and they are all friendly.  Sellout.

But he redeemed himself a bit this week in an Access Hollywood interview.  When asked about the addition of the newest American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi:

You know what, it’s like when you’ve had dinner with three friends for years and now someone else joins the table — it’s a bit odd.  That’s what it was like at the beginning. I genuinely couldn’t make up my mind whether I liked it or not. And then, when she was doing the Hollywood round she started to grow on me and I think she’s ballsy.

When asked if Kara and Paula were walking on eggshells around one another during Hollywood Week:

A little bit, but you know what it’s like… — when you work with other people you never want the people that you work with to do well.  You don’t.  It’s just not in your human nature to want that.

Regarding the success of the other American Idol judges:

If I read about their deals, I’m not exactly opening bottles of champagne in joy because something good is happening in their lives.  I’m not like that and trust me, they’re not doing the same for me.

On how Simon has made the world a more beautiful place:

She’s looking better and I really mean this — I think I have made her look better, and I’m not kidding here… Physically [she] definitely looks better since she’s been working with me.  I think she just got to terms with the way I like people to look and I think she changed her wardrobe, her hair, because she heard me saying, ‘I like this’ and ‘I like that,’ so I definitely had a positive affect on the way that she looks.

Then I realized during the Hollywood round, she’s actually quite funny.  I think she knows what she’s talking about, so she’s growing on me… She’s quite hot now actually. But I promise you, you’ll see the difference. She looks better now.

I love how he’s just like “Yeah, I don’t really want others to succeed.”  Isn’t he beyond arrogant?  Love him.  Still.

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  • I think he’s gay. His chicks are beards. He’s grooming his next beard. His beard is there to slowly replace the ditzzy parakeet. I mean four judges plus Simon’s man boobs? Not enough of room at the judges table for all those opinion makers.

  • who is he talking about in the last piece? the new AI judge?

    he seems ridiculous and everything, but I can’t help but like him for it. I like when people are brutally honest. I think he is more realistic than most nice celebrities. I don’t know; he just cracks me up some time. SOOO narcissistic but he doesn’t care.

  • I had a hard time reading this post because all I could think is WTF is wrong with Paula`s boobs in that pic….

  • Simon needs to look in the fucking mirror before he comments on others bodies and with all that money he has he needs to buy a fucking clue, buy a fucking wife,get a fucking life and stop acting like he’s fucking 16.

  • There was this incredible Blind Item in some column, completely obviously about Simon Cowell, insinuating that the heaps of bling and ‘parting gifts’ he bestowed upon his ex-girlfriend were to keep her from blabbing to gossip press about his ladies’ lingerie fetish. As in, he wears lingerie.

    It is probably not true, but I like to think it is true.

    This makes me love him even more.

  • From the few times I’ve watched American Idol, my favorite part was always the simmering sexual tension between him and Ryan Seacrest.

    And I was totally confused on who he was talking about in the last part. Post needs editing, Wendie.

  • His honesty is so refreshing!
    Thank you Simon for being like that especiall in that land of fakeness

    Now i wish others would follow suit:
    For instance if Beyonce came out and said, she’s not really friends with Kelly and Michelle,couldn’t care less whether they make it in their solo careers or not, infact would like it better if they didn’t.

    If Jennifer Aniston would admite she is still very much in love with Brad Pitt and would take him back in an instant given a chance.

    So many many examples i could think of
    but it would be so cool if celebrities were honest about hating other celebs and wishing their movies will flop for instance

  • Yup, I got know idea who he’s talking about in the last part either. Anybody who can enlighten me?

    I hope it’s not Beyonce.. She is fug as hell and defo not looking better these days with her robot fetiche. Must. know. who. it. is.

  • I agree with him. Most people do NOT want others to succeed ahead of them. It makes people feel like failures when others do better than them.