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Pamela Anderson Didn’t Get the Memo About Wearing Pants

I’m all about any convenience that makes my life easier.  Schedules are tough in my house and I am all about quality of the time I spend with my family.  I sometimes get my groceries delivered and I totally believe in full-serve gas stations.  But there is a line that must be drawn.  For me, that line is drawn at Lunchables and Uncrustables.  It’s never okay to defrost a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Okay?  Never.  However, Pamela Anderson?  She’s totally willing to take it further.  Like…not wearing pants.  Or showering.  Or looking in a mirror.  By eliminating normal grooming, she has freed up valuable minutes in her day.  Apparently to do drugs by the looks of it.  My personal favorite pic?  Her looking at Paris like “What the fuck do you have on?”

Pamela Anderson at the Art Basel Miami Beach show last night.

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  • but her face looks as if she got full night’s sleep, possibly for the first time in years. not like that’s making up for that outfit or anything, or the ringworm on her shoulder. . .

  • now that her face is losing it’s appeal as she ages horribly, all she’s got left are the ass and titties, might as well show em off?

  • wow wendie! three posts in one day! i think thats a new record!
    wooo slow down girl! take some time for yourself!!!

  • At first I thought, maybe this is a theme party…theme being “no pants”…but then I realized that everyone ELSE was wearing pants.


  • Hi Wendie, I wrote 2 comments yesterday and they’re both still not up. Do you think you could approve them now? Thanks!

  • Paris looks like she mugged Donnie Osmond and took his amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

    Pam just looks like she was just mugged and left on the side of the road without pants.

  • Oh Em Gee. What was she thinking? I’d be embarrassed. Well, she was, practically. Bare assed, I mean.

  • Good thing she has that hat, though. Everyone knows your body temperature drops drastically if your head isn’t covered. Good thinking!

  • The off-the-shoulder thing is more remarkable than the pants (or lack thereof)… what’s the deal? Is she proud of the bruises? She wants us to think, “wow she must be kinky, look at her bruises.”

  • It’s birth marks. (Or so they say…)

    I find this devastating. Are these the best pictures Wendie? YES. This is unacceptable. You left out all the crazy ones. Hrmph.

  • She’s been looking better lately.
    If I had her body I would not wear anything, ever, let alone pants.
    I’d walk around naked. Holding Tommy Lee’s penis.
    The pre-diseased version.

    Can I say this here?

  • she looks good …
    wtf u guys?how can u say she looks sucky.?
    thats ridiculous….her face looks cte her body looks cute so…apart from the pants thing she looks totaly hot.

  • the hat confuses me. it won’t keep her warm and grunge died along with curt cobain, so WTF, pammy?!

  • Hat – to disguise her dark roots.
    Amazing body still though. How is it possible? Considering her face is so worn and lined in comparison.

  • The longer Pamela Anderson money lasts the more chance he/she has to win. Growing up in the ringworm and with the looks to the gambling world, it was easy for me to see what made Pamela Anderson, although it wouldn’t be till much later in normal grooming that I actually took This entry of what I already knew. If you know any responses you should pick up on normal grooming easily.