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Travolta: No Need to Thank Me-I Was Happy to Help.

Tom Hanks’ back-to-back Best Actor Oscars in 1993-94 for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump were just a time killer while he was waiting to be bestowed the greatest gift of all…a career courtesy of John Travolta.  Travolta’s rejection of the lead in the 1999 film The Green Mile was what really opened doors for Hanks.  Not Bosom Buddies, Splash, or Big.  Or two Academy Awards won over half a decade prior to the release of Green Mile.  It was all about John Travolta saying “Thanks, but no thanks.”  Tom Hanks must just wake up every day saying “I owe every success I have to Freddie Mercury John Travolta.”  

Now if America’s favorite Scientologist could just say “no” to hair in a can…

Here’s Revolta’s official arrogance:

Green Mile I probably should have said yes to… But I gave…Tom Hanks a career!  What you turn down can be a gift to someone else.”

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  • Sorry for all these rude comments but your posts are really irritating this weekend. honestly i know this is a gossip blog but your posts are so depressing. you always find someway, even in the most boring stories, to sound like an arrogant cranky bitch.

  • What a self-important douchebag.

    On a side note to heyhey and Persistent Cat: The good news is that there are lots of gossip blogs out there, so if you don’t like this one then feel free to move on.

  • if he was serious, what an asshole. tom hanks is twice the star travolta is. oh, and have you noticed how ugly travolta has gotten?

  • I know someone whos son works for the Travoltas and I would believe it. He is right up there with Michael Jackson when it comes to strange.

  • i stopped reading these boring ass blogs once the weekend blogger came about, bad choice evil beet bad choice….

    until mondayl, so long =]

  • Dear Fart Face: Good news, there are many other comments listed on this post, if you dont like mine feel free to not read it.

    I like this blog during the week because i like beets writing voice, but wendy is so depressing. Every single one of her posts are just plain bitchy and annoying. I guess ill have to go to a different site for the weekends.

    I agree with TheOlfson, bad choice..

  • Personally, I read this site for the entertainment (not the least of which are the bitchy comments) and not for great prose. Wendie, I like your posts. Maybe you do try too hard sometimes, but when you’ve got gremlins nipping at your heels at every turn….well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  • The fact that he does nothing to treat his son’s autism makes him the biggest douchebag on the planet.

    (And P.S.- Tom Hanks can actually act!)

  • Why is everyone in such a bad mood, I like Wendie. She is humorous and I feel she is doing a better job than most of us could, if you feel differently, start yer own and I’ll come check you out.

  • Haha REVOLTA. hahaha.

    Anyway……um………what was I gonna say?

    Oh yeah, dude I totally hope Travolta was kidding cuz seriously that is a douchebaggy thing to say. Let’s hope he was kidding.

    He’s a scientologist? And I thought Tom Cruise was everyone’s favorite scientologist?

    Also, I agree with Lucky: J.T = gettin’ ugly. He was such a stud in Grease.

    Also, I like Tom Hanks but he’s a little weird. What the hell was up with his hair in the DaVinci Code?!!!

  • I’m sure he was kidding; I loved him in the “trapped in the closet” episode of South Park; wait, that wasn’t him…Damn, OK, I have to go back to Barbarino in Welcome Back, Kotter.

  • HAHAHAAH I like how TheOlfson came on to specifically tell us that they are NOT READING THE BLOG RIGHT NOW

    who does that? so.. you don’t read it on the weekends.. but you come to post comments… about things that you are not even reading?

    you are about as cool as Travolta.. ugh and he WOULD say that. so full of himself. what has he even done lately? I can’t think of a single movie of his that I like. And I think the whole thing around his kid’s autism is shady and sad.

    And Tom Hanks is THE MAN. green mile didn’t make him… i loved him before that… and I never even saw that movie.

  • I’m actually not reading this blog either. It was all Osmosis. I also don’t read the comments, so this is me responding to nothing. I’m actually not even here, really. I’m a figment of your imagination. Which doesn’t exist either.


  • The FAA needs to pull his commercial pilots license. He’s simply not smart enough to fly a jet or any plane. He’s a moron. He should spend his time hiding his mentally ill child, not talking.

  • First thing that you notice when you speak to a Scientologist for any length of time is “holy fuck this douche is an arrogant prick who thinks he is smarter than everyone else”. The second thing you think of is “holy fuck, I would love to punch that arrogant smirk off his face”.

  • I happen to like Hanks
    he sounds like a person to me, in interviews
    I have no opinion on Travolta
    but one thing I agree
    Hanks is a very good actor, fit for many roles
    Travolta is not so gifted

  • Ohhhh, I hope he was kidding! If not, then I am afraid that I will have to ignore him like I do Mr. Cruise. I refuse to acknowlege the fact that he is part of my planet, due to the fact that he apparently has one of his own.