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Is Mary-Kate Olsen Pregnant?

First of all, this is a pregnancy post where you will see no use of the terms “preggers”, “baby bump” or “sperminated.”  You’re welcome. 

This is one aspect that really bothers me about celebrity gossip.  The National Enquirer is reporting that Mary-Kate Olsen is pregnant because her weight broke 100 lbs.  Maybe she’s just getting healthier.  That’s still a dangerously low BMI.  I’m starting to think that it’s impossible for a celeb with an eating disorder to ever really recover.  Because if eating a bagel leads to pregnancy rumors how do you ever get to a place of self-acceptance?  I’m sure “rounder” is the last adjective MKO wants applied to her in the media.

If she is pregnant, congrats!  But it’s The Enquirer so I remain dubious. 

Above, a picture of MK taken on November 20th.  I think she looks very thin and as if maybe she’s on the road to better health.

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  • isn’t she just a little over 5 feet? if so, 100 lbs wouldn’t be considered dangerously underweight.

    I still think she is tiny. seriously doubt she is pregnant. and yeah, how would anyone ever get better if the second they gain ANY weight, people are publishing that they are pregnant? I mean, jesus. could you imagine gaining 5 lbs and having magazines calling you fat? no wonder the poor thing is anorexic.

  • I think she looks fine. I’m fully grown 5’1 and barely 93 pounds. I eat like a cow, but i still dont gain any weight. People are just sometimes tiny, i think people need to lay off her weight completely. Let her family deal with it, if they think its not normal. No one needs to be saying anything.

  • OH MY GOD La Llorona! Liberty, that brings me all the way back to summer camp stories. La Llorona and Cropsy totally headlined my juvenile summers. MKO looks like both.

  • Jesus Christ!
    No wonder she was anorexic/is!
    Hollywood has GOT to stop counter fitting people.
    Its ridiculous!

    Britney Spears is pregnant with a son, and magazines call her overweight-
    NO SHIT she’s overweight, she was having a baby!

    Sure, thats off topic, but still.
    Paperatizi will do absolutely anything for their money.

    Stupid fuckers.. XD

  • Oh gosh how freaky that you would mention “La Llorona”… I was just talking about her. As for the way Mary-Kate dresses, that is part of who she is so I’m going to let her be. I hope she gets healthier for her sake. So young… so beautiful.

  • She dresses like a hundred year old woman and is way to thin but hey it’s her right to be be a freak of nature.

  • old dress my grandmother would wear does hate the dress n having a baby its so retarded she wouldn’t have time 2 party because she have 2 take care of her baby n 2 2 2 young