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“In five years I would like to be married and have a father figure for my kids, someone who is a provider and can be really stable.  It’s hard doing it on your own.”

Britney Spears looking old-school awesome yet totally confusing me in the January issue of Glamour.

Did I mention tonight is MTV’s Britney: For the Record documentary?  Really hoping she spills about what a slack parent K-Fed is since she’s um…doing it on her own.

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  • She better hope someone will have her before then, or she’s done. Father figure…indeed…how about full time mommy figure. Get yerself together, dear, everyone is tired of rooting for you to get better…you need to “JUST DO IT!!!!!!”

  • Doing it on her own…uh huh, right, no nannies or personal assistants pitching in. Just Brit and her babies, all by themselves, I am sure.

  • Are you flipping kidding me? Who had her kids while she was going apeshit on drugs? Who turned out to be the stable one? She is a lunatic. The eyes say it all. If she gave a monkey’s butt about her kids she would not do the raunchy, poorly judged stunts she does. Idiot!

  • I for one am happy for Britney pulling her life together finally. I dont blame her for her problems, imagine living that life. In addition she had to deal with a mental disease in the public eye. Go Britney, for looking forward.

  • If she falls off the wagon again she’ll have a father figure alright… like a size 20 toughskins jeans wearing fatherlike figure.

    Dang! Pass the deep fried Mars bars munchkin!

  • What a great parent. Doesn’t she have likke 5 nannies and bodyguards always looking after her kids?

    She will say any sh*t to get her career back on track…

  • She looks so pretty on this cover.. I wish my hair looked like hers.. Well, no.. I wish my hair looked like Lilo’s, cus hers is longer.. I wanna be rich and get extentions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think you are taking this out of context. Just because she had a breakdown does not make her less of a mother to her children. She is always going to be their mother. I think what she was trying to saying is that it is hard being alone and trying to raise two children. Not that she is literally doing alone, but being alone as in not being in a relationship. No one seems to realize that Kevin was never around when the children were first born. Sean is three and Jayden is two. One year out of their lives Britney was not there because she was sick, and the other time Kevin was not there because he was working on a failing career. Yes, no one ever seems to look at it like that.