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Another Paris Hilton Perfume Launch

Who are the people that are buying Paris Hilton perfumes?  Paris Hilton fragrance sales have topped $90M.  Ninety.  Million.  Dollars.  Seriously, if you are one of these mystery consumers, I urge you to publicly confess right now.  With the exception of office gag gifts and a few bitter mothers-in-law with hated daughters-in-law,  I cannot fathom the audience that is buying these products. 

In general, I don’t really understand the appeal of celebrity fragrances.  There is no star that I look at and wish I could smell like.  And according to perfume reviewers, Paris smells “plodding and flat.”

Paris today at Macy’s in Woodbridge NJ peddling her scent that starts at $45 a bottle.

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  • I would not wear it even if it were the best smelling perfume I found. And here’s why….someone might say, “You smell fantastic….what are you wearing?” Then I would have to say, “Paris Hilton.” And honestly I’d rather put forks in my eyes and pluck all my nose hairs.

    So no…I will not be buying…..ever….

  • LOL @ Cami.

    Well you know, don’t they have names now for that? Like, instead of actually wearing her you could just say “I’m wearing Twinkle by Paris Hilton” (or whatever the hell it’s called.)

    I think only one is actually named by them. *shrug*

    and seriously, how the hell does a celebrity _design_ perfume, isn’t it an entire science with years of education behind it???? Did we learn NOTHING from “The Perfume” kids? nothing?

  • I would feel compelled as well, to stick objects in my eyes before admitting to wearing Paris perfume.

    Oh. And I think TWINKLE is a fabulous name for a perfume. Not Paris purfume, but somebody else’s.

    I do hope George Clooney comes out with a scent for woemen. Then, when someone says “you smell good, Lynn, what is that scent?” I could smile slyly, and say “it’s George. George Clooney. I rubbed George all over me before leaving for work today.” YUM.

  • Actually, I used to work at Ulta, and Paris’ perfumes don’t suck. There’s much much worse out there. But she didn’t actually design them. She just smelled some things til she found one she like and then slapped her name all over it. That’s how celebrity fragrances work.

  • hey, Heidikins! I work at ulta.. lol… yeah the paris stuff dosent smell bad but honestly I have never seen someone buy this stuff…. yet somehow we keep restocking them…

  • My boyfriend bought me the ‘G’ by Gwen perfume at Macy’s. I LOVE it! The lady gave him about 10 samples, one of which was Paris’ fairy dust stuff. I actually tried it today & in my opinion it smells JUST LIKE my Juicy Couture, but a bit milder. Not bad, but NOT original at all. And the picture of her as a fairy would keep me from buying it even if it did smell amazing.

  • I wear Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears but if she smells like it, it must be damn good! I wouldn’t buy Paris but i havent smelled it yet either. Who knows.

  • Britney Spears scents are sooo delightful. (Although i’m not a fan of believe) and Paris’ aren’t too bad either. it’s not like they create the scent… i mean it’s just a combination by a company paired with a celeb face.

  • Paris for Men is a really good cologne. A Issey Miyake/Tommy clone, but a good one. If she puts another out for men, I’ll check it out… Don’t tell me you wouldn’t stay in a Hilton Hotel, (about the best out there) because of her?

  • I do like Fantasy by Britney Spears.
    But I used to walk down the hallways of my all-girl high school, and it was all I could smell.

    I switched to an amazing $15 bottle which I found in the reject bin in the perfume shop, but while I was in Paris the entire thing smashed all over cobblestones.


    It kinda smelt like white flowers, jasmine, with a tinge of cinnamon and vanilla.

    Any idea of anything like it?

  • Gotta admit, I wear Britney’s Curious all the time, and always get compliments. Then they feel dumb when I tell them it’s the Britney Spears fragrance. I love it.

  • i put patchouli oil on one wrist and vanilla on the other, then rub them together, then all over myself. it’s like $10 a year, doesn’t hurt my sinuses, and smells like a dream.

  • She’s got one that smells like vanilla, and i love vanilla, and i could have bought it, but i didn’t.. Because, like the rest of you normal people, i rather kill myself before having to admit to this shit..

  • I admit it here and now!

    A friend of mine bought me the first one she came out with for Christmas a couple years ago and I absolutely love it. I have no shame, I tell everyone. It’s always a shock to people that her stuff actually smells good.

  • The one celebrity whose fragrances I would (and do) own is Sarah Jessica Parker. She may not design the perfume herself in a NJ laboratory, but based on her interviews she’s at least hands-on enough to select the individual notes of each scent. Even if she’s lying about that, everything smells great.

    Lovely is light and subtle and perfect for day-to-day wear.
    Covet is a bit darker, perfect for night or day.

    Oh, I love SJP. x

  • I can’t help it. Even if it smelled like the best thing ever, I wouldn’t wear it. I would be too embarrassed to. And I really, really, really do not like her. I wouldn’t want to be purposely giving her any money. I just couldn’t do it. I think that makes me kind of pretentious.. but really, I would rather buy some cheap spray from Bath & Body or something so I wouldn’t feel like an ass.

    I mean, I KNOW she doesn’t make it and I get that it could smell good…… UGH I just can’t do it. Spraying Paris all over my body? Big no.

    and actually, I would really prefer not to stay in Hilton hotels. The whole family annoys me now. Maybe if it was freeeeee, sure. But I wouldn’t want to spend my money there. Can’t help it. She is so abhorrent to me.

  • someone has to be buying it! maybe really young girls…what i have smelled by her, didnt impress me, but i was rushing through the store, so i cant be positive i hate it, but my first instinct was that i didnt like it at all… i wouldnt buy anything by her because i dont want to contribute to her at all.

  • I’m like some others, even if it smelled good, I wouldn’t buy it. Why? The stigma but also, I don’t want any of my hard-earned money going to her.

    I usually see her perfume for $20 in a container at the cash in drug stores. It’s become an expensive “impulse” item. And the only people spending money right now are teenage girls. Blame them.

  • Okay. So, i met my mother for lunch a couple months ago and upon hugging her, I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing her trademark Victorias Secret Very Sexy..So i asked if she was trying out a new fragrance they had yet to promote exclusively..Then she told me it was Paris Hilton..I know i had this horrified expression of disbelief but i have to admit, It smelled Very nice on her. I would never wear the stuff. I’m loyal to Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior..(Hypnotic Poison is a male aphrodisiac..He will literally tear your brand new spurge dress off!!) lol…Paris Hilton is an idiot..That’s all i have to say.

  • her pact with satan (you know the one where she sold her soul in excahnge for unwarranted fame and riches) must be up soon…please.

  • Really Paris…?
    Yes another perfume?!
    Hint: No matter how many perfumes you create/launch, you just cannot cover up the smell of skank!

  • I have her first perfume and love it. It’s actually reallllly nice. And I keep finding it everywhere for $19AU. I’m very unashamed, I embrace it. When someone asks what I’m wearing, I say “Slut”.

  • Umm I love it. It smells so good. I keep trying to find it, actually but it’s not so available in South America (where I’m at)

  • I LOVE Paris and all her fragrances and I buy them all the time. Fairy Dust is a very nice floral and I’m giving it to all my friends for Xmas this year.

  • I have smell the new parfume from Paris Hilton and i will say it smell very nice and last for a long time,mmm yummy..,People who write other things here about Paris Hilton mix her with her private life and the parfume…

  • I have smell the new parfume from Paris Hilton and i will say it smell very nice and last for a long time,mmm yummy..,People who write other things here about Paris Hilton mix her with her private life and the parfume…