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He’s Just Not That Into You Trailer


I was so happy that we no longer hear this HJNTIY phrase every three minutes and now I fear its resurgence. 

What chance of success do you think this movie has?  It has a huge cast including Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Justin Long, Jennifer Connelly and Kevin Connolly.  I just don’t think that the woman that needs to see this movie ever will.  Because she’s never going to think it applies to her.

I remember one specific girl I knew who had a years-long relationship with a guy who wasn’t into her.  He would tell her he didn’t love her and that they had no future and she would reply by asking him what he meant by that.  As if he could have been any clearer.  He would tell her to “fuck off” and she viewed that as him really making an effort to communicate.  He had a one-night stand and she believed that his bad judgement was a result of his fear of the intensity of feelings he had for her.  I tried to explain that sometimes a man is just not going to be interested enough.  And it’s not always for some big meaningful reason like they feel that they don’t deserve happiness.  So if you are trying to determine if a guy is into you or not, he isn’t.  Doesn’t seem like we should need a book and a movie to grasp that concept.

Oh, allow me to save you some time and eye strain; the answer is no.  No matter how many times you slo-mo, rewind, repeat, you cannot see Scarlett Johansson’s boobs at 1:45.

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  • i can’t wait to see this. i just watched zack and miri make a porno and justin long is hysterical in it. cutie pie

  • Dude. This movie seriously looks like sheer brilliance.

    I’m sorry but if it ends up being what it actually could be, this could seriously be a real eye-opener for a lot of women. Or men. Gay ones.

    Because this is how a LOT of America’s youth and know..people, learn important life lessons.

    My name is Liberty and I approve this movie.

    Also, this post. I liked the things you had to say, it was sadly too true.

    But I stay optimistic that it will hit a nerve in some women and that they’ll understand.

    Then also, you have obviously the complete opposite which is women who think the dude’s “just being nice” and NOT into you. Hah. Ah…humans. We’re so cute.

  • Re: “I liked the things you had to say, it was sadly too true”

    DITTO wow. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. I have a feeling both might be a painful awakening for me. that is an awful feelng.

  • I have to admit that I’ve been eagerly gnawing off my fingernails in anticipation of this flick…

  • I must admit, I was prepared to make some “chick-flick” comment… (which this movie definitely is) but I actually chuckled a few times, so I’ll refrain.

    Who is the blonde guy with Scarlett by the pool?
    He always plays a fratboy asshole douche really well.
    He’s like an Stifler for adults.

  • I will see this for the sole purpose of fulfilling my longtime obsession with Justin Long.

    Also, lmao to this delightful section. So sad, but true:

    “Allow me to save you some time and eye strain; the answer is no. No matter how many times you slo-mo, rewind, repeat, you cannot see Scarlett Johansson’s boobs at 1:45.”

  • I am actually pretty excited for this, mostly to see all these famous actors in one place. And I love Drew Barrymore…

  • I love the skirt, especially the way the slit calls atetotinn to your legs. Personally, I think it would look far more intriguing and atetotinn grabbing if you wore stockings with the skirt — something where people could never be completely certain whether or not they caught a glimpse of the stocking tops. (I’m a leg man; I admit it.)