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Victoria’s Secret 2008 Fashion Show T&A Pictorial

Gossip Girl’s Michelle Trachtenberg was one of many celebs that showed last night for the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  She really should have considered a pantsuit.  Or a maxi-dress.  Are those still in?  She’s got big tree trunks…what can I tell ya?  Normally I’d think that she’s probably a nice girl which completely trumps being big-kneed but in this case I don’t think her personality wins any points.  Who goes to the VS Fashion Show and can’t put on some lip plumper?  Wait-maybe she thought the tube said “leg plumper”…hmmm…

There were lots of other interesting people that were there but not together (that’s code for “formerly fucked”) like Sean Combs and Aubrey O’Day (I’m convinced they did the deed because he does like…everyone) and Brody Jenner, Paris Hilton and Kristin Cavallari. 

Every year is the same goddamn thing for this show.  Here’s the gist:  wings, feathers, boobs, $5M bra, tanner, body glitter, hard-ons, feathers, leather, Heidi Klum’s inflated sense of self-importance.  We get it Heidi; you’re head Angel.

Please make sure you look at Shakara on the pink (gag) carpet.  I’ll put her right near the top of the massive gallery.  “Who is Shakara?” you say…I don’t know.  No one knows.  A model.  And the fucking funniest wardrobe choices I’ve ever seen.  She has found a way to wear schizophrenia.

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  • I used to love this site, but I’m really starting to like it less and less. You nor beet give credit to anyone anymore. Everyone is not as worthy as you. Like, seriously, Heidi Klum? What do you possibly have to say about her? She is an amazing person and I don’t understand how you could even begin to categorize her as someone fiending for the spotlight.

  • Her legs look like doo doo in that dress…she should have looked in the mirror before she left the house. three words my mama taught me,…shapley legs myself, LYCRA THOSE THIGHS!!!

  • She should have worn some sort of color on her lips.

    And why does Adriana Lima look… well, like THAT? I normally think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world but she looks funny in these pics.

    Also, what’s up with Usher and the light shining in his crotch region. That picture is plain hilarious.

  • Wow wendie, dissing Heidi Klum. You really are a straight-up unfunny bitch because there’s no reason to hate on Heidi.

    And Michelle Trachtenburg, whoever she is, certainly does not have tree trunk legs. Not everyone can have freaking toothpicks for legs you know. Even people in Hollywood.

    My gosh it seems like the only thing I read about on this blog anymore is your whining about petty things… Putting down pretty people makes you feel better, we get it. But it’s not entertaining.

  • why does Michelle’s face look weird? maybe it’s just the picture.

    and @ huh– yes, SO OVER THAT GIRL. let’s hope to god she can never get on another show/movie and just fades away

  • No matter how thin they are, girls who are hourglass-shaped should not wear tapered skirts. I think that’s all that’s wrong with her; if the skirt was straight, I think she’d look great.

  • Terrible legs, indeed, and something’s so unbalanced about how gauntly skinny her face looks, almost as if she were harbouring a secret meth addiction, yet her legs are tree-trunky and she’s got the damn cankles! Odd, odd.

  • John Stamos is still hotter than hell! I’m not sure what he’d have to do to change my mind.

    And Adriana Lima does not look her best, which is really odd, because she is definitely gorgeous.

    Gabrielle Union looks stunning as usual.

    And why is Sarah Larson there? Why do we keep letting people like her (and the Kardashians, and Paris Hilton and…) get the celebrity status? They do nothing. It wouldo be nice if we started ignoring these wanna-be’s.

  • michelle t. is a cute girl but here she doesn’t look so hot. her face is sooo pale (lipstick would help). she is a small framed girl but she is also pear shaped so her legs are a bit big. i am shaped the same way, and A-line skirts are my best friend: look into it, girl!

  • you should fucking talk, you miserable bitch. i’ve SEEN you. you want to put someone down because they are curvy and beautiful? you’re disgusting.

  • michelle trachtenburg has thicker legs than paris hilton does. we get it. but dissing heidi klum (who has every right to be self-important — she’s that hot) just proves how much of a loser you are.

  • She does not have tree trunks. She looks great, except her face is quite colorless.
    And her lips look plump enough to me, or maybe you favor that p//orn star look. Who knows. She could just do with some color!