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Michelle Trachtenberg Has a Fabulous Publicist

From Page Six:

MICHELLE Tractenberg is just as bitchy in real life as she is on “Gossip Girl.” A friend of the starlet told Page Six that when she talks about the show, “Michelle deliberately leaves out any girl cast members,” like Blake Lively or Leighton Meester. Adds the source, “If you ask her about them, she just goes silent and changes the topic.” Asked for comment, Tractenberg’s publicist, Jessica Kolstad, said, “I don’t know how you live with yourself.”

Stories like this kind of make me want to be a publicist. I think I’d have a blast all day just thinking up bitchy responses to people’s inquiries about my client.

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  • I’ll never forgive her for being Dawn.

    And she has cankles. But she does have really pretty hair.

  • Beet, the undesirable flipside of celebrity publicist snarky-ness would rear its ugly head when, with a straight face, you have to describe your client, Paris Hilton, as a great talent and businesswoman whose image has been skewed by a few ill-meaning people. Or when you have to explain that a .09 BAC is really not that bad when we’re talking about highway driving.

  • I’m still not smoking, but getting increasingly grumpy and stressed about it. But I’m hanging in there!!!

  • Enjoy that Beet. Right now, you can be as bitchy as you want and people are going to let it slide because you are quitting smoking.

  • Yes, Beet. Then tack on PMS, and you’ll be able to snap one off on people and not even feel guilty! Fun times shall be had!!!

    Also, who wears black nail polish with that dress? There were so many possibilities!! Does she have NO creativity??

  • Michelle had to play second fiddle to the very talented Sara Michelle Gellar.
    Her Dawn character should have turned back in to a glowing ball, but instead viewer had to suffer through 2 more seasons of Trachtenberg taped screams. Turn her cahracter in to a glowing ball and toss it in to the universe..before it’s too late!!!

  • Georgina needs to leave and serena or blake kick her ass. But she is really hot But not as hot as Blake lively