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Kim Kardashian Looks Normal

Can we broadcast this to every girl between the ages of 9 and 18?  Kim Kardashian yesterday in Miami Beach with no makeup on.  Without lashes and bronzer, Kim looks like she should be serving SuperMelts and Fribbles.  You know…average.

I like the dude in the background pushing up his sunglasses.  You know he thought someone was clamoring to take his pic.

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    • She looks,?? better! But I can never like her, because she say’s she’s famous because ‘SHE’ thinks so, not because anybody else thinks so. and it’s very annoying in a Paris Hilton kind of way!

  • She would be more “likeable” if she looked like this more often, way to much of everything…I mean she is the girl famous for …what? Sex tape. Not a good one either, just some idiot (insert fond thoughts of Ray J..LOSER here ) I like the show they do on E her family is cute, but she always looks too made up.

  • Yes, she’s really beautiful, and without all that heavy makeup she just looks so much more naturally beautiful. Even Paris Hilton looks beautiful without her normal tranny-heavy makeup – if anyone remembers those pictures taken of her when she got released from Lynwood jail, the night she got released & picked up by her parents, and she wasn’t wearing heavy makeup – it was amazing, she actually looked really beautiful, and of course she was siling genuinely from ear to ear, so that added to her beauty.

    If these women only realised how much better they look without the gobs of heavy, fakola makeup every single day. They should try going au naturel like this more often.

  • i wouldn’t say she looks average at all… girls that can look that beautiful when not wearing make up are special. she looks gorgeous.

  • HAHAH we should NEVER broadcast anything Kim Kardashian related to any girl that wants to be respected lol

    I read your guide to commenting by the way. It only made me want to frequent your site more often =)


  • If she was serving fast food, there would be guys lined up out the door. I concur with the majority of opinions…she is gorgeous, and looks lovely with her natural look. If her look was the standard of normal, the world would be a lot more beautiful.

  • @ Wendie: Were you not aware that Sasha doesn’t like posting about Kim K? Something about being famous only because bloggers make her famous. You might wanna run this by her.

    Personally, due to my Y chromosome, I loooove Kim. Fucking effortlessly Hot.

  • I’m sure she’s wearing a bit of makeup, but the huge difference is that it’s very natural. She’s really pretty like that, which is rare for some celebs. :O

  • i haven’t seen that sunglass push-up move since my friends older brother did that in front of miami vice before going to sell coke at some club.

    and she is pretty, i just couldn’t get past that tape she made. i can get over all the sex a girl i’m dating has had, but that everyone can see her do it, and that she was in a sex tape, i just couldn’t get over it. what are you doing reggie bush? i have to think these relationships really are just to stay famous