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Leather Mini!

Ooh, Lindsay, work it, girl!

La Lohan hit up a Stand Up for the Cure event in NYC. It doesn’t look like Samantha was there … but Dina was. Ick. I like Samantha WAY better than Dina as a date for Lindsers.

Also there: Jessica Szohr, Aubrey O’Day, Bethenny Frankel, and Julianna Margulies and her ridiculously hot, young lawyer husband. I want to perform open-pants surgery on him.

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  • her husband is sexy indeed! if u need an assistant to perform open-pants surgery, my schedule is totally free!!!!!

  • Samantha was there she was djing..she just didnt go thru the red carpet with Lindsay..
    P.S. Sam..would u marry me?!

  • What on earth, can who- on- earth, be giving you to keep this dumpy chick in our faces….. No one seems to be giving a fork. Get over this obsession please. … OH I get it…. you are trying to destroy her by over exposing her…. OK, keep it up!

  • samantha usually doesn’t pose for red carpet pics
    but she was there – she dj’d at the event
    pics of her are on wireimage

  • How come Aubrey O’day seems to be simultaneously everywhere, constantly? She must have some hardcore superpowers (probably in her bra) to get invited to all these events, because a coma patient has more charm, charisma, and talent, than her.

  • I thought this was one of those celebrity-hating websites. I mean, come on. The one that runs this site actually worships Lezzlo HoHan? EPIC FAIL! As far as I’m concerned, Lezzlo is one of the most contemptible worms to walk the face of this earth. Evil Beet, why don’t you just change your name to Empathetic Beet? That’s much more appropriate for you.