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She’s Two! She’s Two!

So, yeah, it’s September 11. And I went back and forth about whether to say something about it on here or let it go or what. And I wasn’t going to touch on it, but then I came across this shot of Dannielynn Birkhead on the cover of Us magazine — she just turned two — and it reminded me of what I wrote on September 11 of the first year I had this blog. I’ll reprint it:

I hate September 11. I didn’t sleep well last night, tossing and turning and waking every hour to allow angry thoughts to run circles in my head, a dizzying and infuriating cycle I’ve been caught in every year since. Gawker’s been light-hearted about it all day, and it’s nice to see that and it’s gut-wrenching to see that. I don’t have it in me just yet.

So, frankly, it sucked hardcore to wake up this morning to the news that Anna Nicole Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel died yesterday in the Bahamas, not 3 days after she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It felt like I’d been punched in the stomach, a visceral reaction, which isn’t at all commonplace for me in this world of celebrity comings and goings. Maybe it’s because this whole day always feels like one solid suckerpunch. But I always had a fondness for that kid — I remember watching him as a teenager on The Anna Nicole Show, and he came across as strikingly grounded amidst the insanity of his life, aware of the absurdity of it all and able to observe from a distance. To be in it but not of it. I was, just vaguely, interested to see who he’d grow up to be. I’m genuinely sorry that I won’t have that chance, and I’m sorry that Anna won’t, either.

This was all right before Anna Nicole herself died, and the crazy paternity battle and the custody suit and the fucking maelstrom of near-tangible insanity that enveloped this girl during the first months of her life. These events are melded in my mind now: September 11 and the death of Daniel, and the aftermaths of both.

And it’s nice to see, today, that this little girl looks beautiful, and happy, and is being raised by a father who loves her and who really doesn’t whore her out to the media anywhere near as much as he could. I don’t resent him for this. This cover here? This cover will put this girl through college. I think Larry has a decent head on his shoulders, and I’m glad that life seems to be coming together for Dannielynn. I’m glad that Anna Nicole’s life wasn’t an entire tragic washout — that this girl has survived, and landed in a loving home, and is perhaps even thriving.

For me, September 11 hurts less this year than it did two years ago, when I wrote that post. It’ll probably hurt even less next year. Life has a way of putting itself back together, of defying the chaos. I’m looking forward to watching Dannielynn grow up.

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  • Nice post Beet. Look at that child – if Anna had lived, she’d have had a hard time insisting it was Howard’s baby. Talk about your butter stamps, she’s the image of her father…Us, how can her first word have been “mama”? C’mon now.

  • What? in the first picture she looks cross-eyed and like she has down syndrome… the poor little thing.
    She looks much more adorable in the other pictures, but I’d love to know what they did to make her look cross-eyed at something. It really makes the little girl look awful.

  • How about remembering the thousands of people who lost their lives on 9/11 rather than focusing solely on the predictable death of drugged up celebrity and some bullshit custody battle? Unbelievable.

  • I think she’s a cute kid. Looks like her DAD! As for seriously, I think WE all remember thousands who lost their lives. Beet gives us a place to escape from reality for a few moments. Why else do we read celeb gossip? Lighten up. If you want serious, read the Times or something.

  • isn’t she just adorable? for all of us anxious celebrity watchers, i can’t wait for the train wreck of a life she’s about to endure. isn’t it going to be so much fun once she hits about 14! hoowee!

  • Ummm, she is cross-eyed Anonymous. I’m sure that’s not the technical term for it, but she has an eye problem. Anyone who saw the “Anna the pregnant shit-faced clown” video knows that if that’s her only congenital problem she’s a little miracle…a beautiful little miracle.

  • I totally agree Beet, I actually forgot all about this child, which IMO is good. It’s nice to see that she is being raised by a real father and that his fight was because he wanted her. It’s nice that she’s not part of “who wore it best-onesie week” Suri vs. Dannilynn.

  • re; kmay

    you do realize that her bisexual father was and is a celebrity photographer who is getting paid BIG BUCKS to step out occasionally to put his ‘prize’ possession on display while he lounges around the pool soaking up his 15 minutes of fame. he doesn’t have time to get her wandering eye fixed, he’s too busy milking her bank account. i’m sure he figures if he just leaves the eye, it will actually allow her to search out old men with dollar bills more effectively while working the stripper pole as the visiting star performer.

  • This is now officially the lamest blog. Deleting from favorites….. sigh.

    replacing with PinkisthenewBlog

  • RE; gimmieabreak

    are you kidding? i just looked at pinkisthenewBlog and they don’t even have jessicas ass like my girl beet does. beet’s the best, and don’t you fuckin’ forget it. sigh…see ya.

  • I agree with you 100 % beet. This baby is just beautiful and so sweet and
    full of innocence. Makes me want to cry when I think of her mother and how her life started out. You can tell by the look on her face and the sparkle in her eyes that she is dearly loved and cherished and well cared for. I know where ever Anna is, she is at peace with Larry taking such good care of their daughter. God bless them all.