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Guess Who

You may not be able to put a name with this face today, but, back in the early nineties, she was widely recognizable.

In fact, early this year, I had a conversation with this woman at an event in LA. I had no idea who she was until someone told me afterwards.

Who’s the famous face?

Find out after the jump.

It’s Katey Sagal! AKA Peg Bundy!

Katey made an appearance at the premiere of Sons of Anarchy in LA.

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  • I didn’t even have to read the jump, as a Married With Children and 8 Simple Rules fan I’d know Katey Sagal’s face anywhere.
    She does look amazing for 54!

  • i will not do the jump for i know who that is, its peg bundy from married with children aka steven segalls sister, aka i dont know her name. but that is who she is.

  • i love her…very versatile actress and (i think) she is also a jazz singer? in any case she looks great.

  • she looks amaaazing. glad to see she ditched the weird black mullet she was sporting on 8 Simple Rules.

  • peggy of course! Cant believe u had a conversation with her and dint recognize her voice! She is one who looks better with age, plus it helps she doesnt have a bright red behive anymore.

  • She is Katie Segal – I don’t think she is related to Steven. She is on that new show Brothers of Anarchy that starts in a couple of days. She was also in 8 simple rules with John Ritter.

    • By the way it”s spelled Steven Seagal not Segall Einstein. And actors and actresses do alter their names dummy.

  • she is the sibling of those twins who are super cute, used to be in a doublemint commercial and had their own sit-com for a minute. not steven ridiculous seagal. as if.

  • I knew who it was automatically. My friend took about 15 minutes until she screamed out “OH, I KNOW WHO IT IS, PEG BUNDY!” It would have been nice if she had waited till after church, but… Easy for some, difficult for people that don’t watch TV.

    And she’s an AMAZING singer.

  • just lookin through some sites i was at my cuzins house last night and they all thought that she was steven segall’s sis… i had to look it up to find out… glad to kno… two diff last names.. no way they’re related..!!