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Verne Troyer’s Shooting a New Reality Show

When your angry ex-girlfriend causes a minor media frenzy in her attempts to release a sex tape featuring you and your not-so-Michael-Phelps penis, there’s really only one way to save your dignity: capitalize on the attention by filming a reality series about your life.

This is exactly what Verne Troyer has done.

Tiny Hollywood star Verne Troyer is to star in his own reality TV show.

The Austin Powers actor, 39, has already begun shooting the series, and is hoping to attract interest from networks.

Troyer tells Us Weekly, “It’s about being a dwarf in Hollywood.”

The Mini Me star will be hoping for a more successful venture into reality TV, after an embarrassing episode on VH1’s The Surreal Life in 2007, when he got drunk and urinated on the floor.

Verne, I don’t know if you’re really qualified to do a reality series about being a dwarf in Hollywood. I mean, if one were a dwarf hoping to be in the public eye, one would think that the cardinal rule is to never, ever, under any circumstances wear a lobster bib. It’s a rule that applies loosely to all public figures, but most especially to dwarves. And you totally blew it with the bib, Verne. Admit your defeat and back down. Give someone else a shot now.

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