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You guys, something wonderful has happened in the past few hours.

I left the office around three feeling grumpy and annoyed with the world. I was just in one of those little funks where, despite the fact that my life is essentially perfect, I’m still like “I never get what I want, nothing is fair, why do I even try, I’m so over everything.” I just wanted to throw a temper tantrum and hit people in the face.

Then I did a half hour on the elliptical machine at the gym, staring out the window at the glorious, pounding, cool Seattle rain, spent time getting honest with some friends, did an hour and a half of yoga and then came home to find a hundred new pictures of Rumer Willis at the House Bunny premiere on a photo service. And you know what? I felt not a tinge of hatred. I am relaxed and at peace with the world. I have nothing mean to say about Rumer right now. I have nothing mean to say about Ashton. I have nothing mean to say about Demi Moore. And there are like a million mean things to say about why Bruce Willis isn’t there, but I don’t feel like typing out any of them.

I think it’s sweet that there is obviously so much love and support in that family. This is a big day for Rumer and how wonderful that they can be there to cheer her on.

Look at me!


Don’t worry kids, this won’t last. Otherwise I’d be out of a job.

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  • I would like to point out Ashton is not looking at Demi. And since Rumer is not wearing a demi bra, there is no other way to put this than HE IS LOOKING AT HER BOOBS.
    The end.

  • @Sarah
    that be the truth indeed.
    it ain`t the first time he`s been busted leering at Rumer`s boobcicles!
    sheesh! Ashton….get a pair of sunnies man!

  • Well how lovely for you Beet… peace is a lovely feeling… but in the interest of this project you have us all hooked on.. what the hell is Bunny House and what the hell does Rumer and her family have to do with it? Details.. Details… the devil is in the details…. perhaps a little link if you don’t feel like typing… Is it me?

  • @ tp Vero: Bunny House is a movie coming out soon (friday?) starring Anna Faris. Rumer is in it. It looks like a stupid movie unless you are 16-20 years old. Anna is a Playboy bunny, gets kicked outta the mansion because she’s old & goes to live in a sorority of ‘ugly’ chics. And teaches them how to be cool, cute & gets dates. Stupid!!!

  • Beet, I read your blog everyday; however, sometimes I get tempted to look at Prezs’ website (who I hate), but I loved it when he called her potatohead Willis. I just fell out of my off chair laughing.

  • She does not have the body for strapless and does not have the face for photography. And is it just me or does Demi look annoyed that Ashton is bothering her while she’s busy parading her ugly child on the red carpet? He’s interrupting her “mommy and me” time with Rumer.

    Please Rumer, stand up straight and stop wearing strapless!

  • Demi’s frantic theme is get the girls out of her house, working and married.. non-stop! All she says is.. ‘OH never hear no, refuse to back down.. try try try.. then do it, be free and happy for yoou are beautiful and deserve all the best in life dear..!’

  • Bruce was there – the British Daily Mail has even more pix of the event – a family group shot, the sisters, Rumer’s BOYFRIEND, Bruce & his girlfriend, Hef and his ladies. For fans of all things Willis…

  • beet could you please explain to me what house bunny is? oh, wait, i already know what it is (i am an observer of pop culture which is why i read blogs) and if i didn’t i would GOOGLE it. because that’s what people do when they want to know about something. they google it.

  • there is another site that has a lot more pictures of this event and Rumer actually looks very nice in that dress…and there is one that she’s standing at an angle that makes her look almost pretty…Beet, where the hell are all the other pictures? You’re going soft, I like the bitch that was here the other day just ripping on everything and everyone…much more entertaining to read.

  • Is it just me or does Ashton act like a “Cling-On” in every picture. It’s like the toddler going through the mommy phase of always tugging and wanting to be picked up.

  • Man, I usually hate it when people dog on this kid for her looks, but DAMN. Putting her face directly next to her gorgeous mother’s face is not a good idea.

  • i love demi more cause she’s so sweet and also she’s a great actor she’ s got a lot of talent that we can’t see in the recent actors and i love her ex husband bruce is like wowwwwwwwwwwww very hot very sexy and he get never old!!and of course ashton is a sweet heart .demi’s daughter take after her but she’s not cutter than her mother maybe she take her father masculin beauty but she’s also cute

  • Hey,just wanted to comment; stop all the negative comments, I think that rumer has outgrown her awkward stage,and has become very attractive,she has a beautiful killer figure and looks more than any of her sistersdo when it comes to looking like her mother. and I am sure most of us can agree demi is beautiful. powerkick2