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Danielle Fishel: Lance Bass and I Never Had Sex

As I mentioned earlier, I had the chance to chat last week with Danielle Fishel (aka Topanga Lawrence!), who’s promoting her new show The Dish on the Style network, which premieres this Saturday. The full interview is now up on (read it here), but here are some excerpts: Katie Holmes has recently been photographed wearing those peg-and-roll jeans, and the LA Times did a piece on how that look is coming back. What’s your take on that?

DF: Awful. Absolutely awful. How do we boycott this? How do we create a rally and say, “We’re not going to take it anymore!” No. I say no. I’m putting my foot down. The real women of the world need to put out a statement saying, “No. We’re not going to accept this. Change to something else. Find a different trend you want us to follow!”

See? Danielle agrees with me!

She also opened up to me about her relationship with Lance Bass, a guy she adores to this day and about whom she has nothing but positive things to say. … You dated Lance Bass before he was openly gay. I just have to ask you: Were you guys sleeping together? What was the physical part of it like for you?

DF: No, we were not sleeping together. We never slept together. I was seventeen. I was a really good girl. I didn’t lose my virginity until much later in life. Lance and I talked about the fact that we weren’t going to sleep together, and his reason was, you know, “I’m always on the road. We don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like, and this is going to be a really special time in your life. I don’t want to share something that intimate and then take off and leave for a month.” Which, at seventeen years old, I completely respected. We traveled a lot together, once I turned eighteen, and we stayed in the same room, but we never did actually consummate the relationship.

Make sure to read the full interview here — we talk about her hair, her DUI and Tyra Banks — and catch Danielle on The Dish this Saturday.

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  • Well if anyone had any doubts about his sexuality, THAT confirms it! He passed up on her?!?!?! She’s smoking hot.

  • Beet, I live in the UK ad work in a newsagent and on the cover of Heat Magazine it has, emblazoned in bright letters, PEG AND ROLL HOTTEST NEW TREND or something of that ilk.
    I could imagine your incredulous expression! hahaha

  • oh the things I’d do to Topanga.. the only thing that always kinda bothered me about her is her tiny forehead.. looks like a monkey’s forehead

  • anyone that wouldn’t sleep with those breasts is an obvious fag. remember this girls. the next time he tells you he’s waiting until you know each other better, he’s probably dropping trou in an mens room somewhere when he leaves your place.

  • I am gay, but even I would titty fuck her. Maybe my cum on her face could fix it so that it would look better.

  • regarding peg-and -roll. . .hate to tell you this, but i think its been sneaking up on us for a while, and katie holmes just happens to be the first outward manifestation of it. i was flipping through the j-crew fall catalog, and some of the models were doing it there. barf. anyway, i am guessing that the j-crew fall catalog must have been shot before katie made her first debut in them, right?

  • she can’t help her foward, she just has a round little face. she is totally adorable and what a great personality.

  • Okay. I kind of like the peg-and-roll look. With the flats, the sweater, and the scarf, it kind of works. It’s time to embrace the peg-and-rolls, my friends.

  • i think she looks incredible! shes beautiful and i definately love watching her new show, missed seeing her on tv! haha

  • Yea i heard its a copycat of the dish. I checked it out and althought it is like the dish i thought danielle gave the show a little more flavor