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CNN Is “Ignorant”

This is what appeared on CNN’s website earlier in the week.

Apparently they were kind enough to remove the quotes after receiving complaints, but they still haven’t gotten around to getting Portia De Rossi’s name correct.


Thanks Anna!

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  • How about the “We want ugly women” story! That’s from down under here in Australia… funny stuff.

  • You guys think thats sad, what about the daily errors and mis-spellings they post. Did I mention daily, people? These writers have English degrees!!!!! It’s hard to take it as credible when they say “Blah blah blah adn blah blah.”

  • @ Asta: It was the mayor of a mining town in the middle of nowhere Western Australia. He was urging more women to move there because the percentage of men vs women was grossly disproportionate. Part of his “sales” speech to moving there was that ugly women would be treated like queens by the lonely guys there.

  • I love it when Americans argue and say CNN is liberal and Fox is conservative.

    Wake up America, Fox news is insanely conservative and CNN is middle of the road conservative.